Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager for Windows Review

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Android is one of the most popular mobile OS right now and its market share will increase in the upcoming years. With its growth, one thing that keeps it still worrisome for many people out there, i.e. the managing of the device.
Android Mobile Manager for Windows

Today, we are going to review the best Android device manager on Windows platform. The Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager helps you to manage your smartphone through the comforts of the computer. So, is there a need to do so? The answer is astounding yes! Everyone wants a central approach to managing things and with Vibosoft Android Mobile Manger you can easily manage the different aspects of your smart phone.
The tool can be used to backup contacts from Android for PC, which is unarguably the most valued features of the software.
Android Mobile Manager for Windows

To get started, you need to connect the smartphone to the computer. Once connected, the window will show lots of options including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Files, Books, contacts, and tasks. Each of the tabs offers necessary information in the fields they are made for. For example, the music tab will list all the music that is present within the smartphone. You can easily add, delete or group the music from the application interface.
The user interface of the application is sleek and intuitive, offering maximum maneuverability. All the tabs and options are easily understandable without the need for extra help or documentation. But, if you are stuck the application also supports amazing documentation available with the tool.
Android Mobile Manager for Windows

Apart from the individual tabs, you can easily backup all your android information to your computer. It also helps you to organize all your Android apps and comes up with a central dashboard that will help you to install, uninstall or organize the application according to your choice.
Want to manage contacts? The application has a dedicated tab for managing contacts. You can further backup  contacts from Android to PC, clear the unwanted contacts, group them and even send messages to the contacts directly from your PC. The application also synchronizes all the new contacts that have been added to the list from the last time.
With the tool, you can further transfer the files from the phone to the computer and vice-versa. All the transfer remains organized and can be done way faster than the traditional transfer. You can also synchronize the files on your desktop and backup the files as an ongoing process.
The tool is just great; it provides a hub to manage your smartphone, which can be a little tricky to do with the smartphone itself. The Android operating system, is complex and it slightly hampers the user experience. To overcome the drawback, using the Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager serves the right purpose. It keeps everything organized, synced and backed up. Backing up the information has its own advantage and you can easily restore the whole smartphone with the matter of few clicks.

Wrap Up

The application is undoubtedly the best android device manager that acts as a hub of all the activities that you can do with your smartphone. The desktop app is highly recommended for any android smartphone user. Follow Vibosoft on

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What does the New Housing Logo Stand for?

Posted by Suhel Sayyad has branded itself like never before. The company now has a logo which tells an onlooker to ‘Look up’. This is neither a literal statement nor a metaphorical one to visit the website. It means much more; it points to something much larger. 

What does the New Housing Logo Stand for?

Look up is a journey; a symbol of optimism. When invites people to ‘look up’, it persuades them to explore their own paths and strive for a better life. The symbol stands for optimism and can do attitude. The symbol says that it is with them every step of their way, making way for them in improving their lives.

The company is not defined by the logo.
The logo does not drive the company.
They are merely reflections of one another and offer the same outlook. ‘Look up’ is an exhibition of positivity; driven by an attitude to push the envelope. The symbol indicates that the company not only believes in excellence but also in evolution. It does not stop when there are hurdles; it does not stop when it has achieved success. It keeps going; with a watchful eye towards the future. It keeps pushing its boundaries. has been able to break all conventional boundaries; and yet it believes that the best way to progress is to persuade all stake holders to join it as it moves into a new and unexplored future; on a journey that is exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling.

Why does Look Up indicate progressive thinking?

The ‘Look up’ symbol has a sharp top edge. It looks like an arrowhead pointed upwards. It is symbolic of progressive thinking and acute skills. The portal so far has successfully been able to extract meaningful insights from an ocean of data to help people find “homes” from huge collections of “houses”. It has been able to successfully incorporate mathematics and technology to deliver unique results and services. This renders a clear picture of the company spearheading into the future and inviting everyone to accompany it on the journey.

The underside of the logo has softer curves; indicating shelter. It ensures that it does not rush ahead; only to turn back to see that others have been left behind. The end users are everything to and hence it wants them to tag along; while ensuring that they enjoy the ride as the portal manoeuvres through the oceans of seemingly ungainly and unfathomed data. The symbol is like an ice cutter, breaking ice and making its way through the ocean while the people within the ship are oblivious of the effort that is going into it; and they merely witness progress. It can also be compared to a supersonic aircraft, with wings swept back to help it cross the Mach threshold. The pilot inside does not feel the turbulence or the shockwaves.

The Look up symbol also locks up with the apex of photographs-90 degrees- to accommodate content related to houses, photographs or all kinds of numeric data. It is indicative of progressive outlook and information dissemination to bring about transparency in an otherwise seemingly lurid business.
The 90 degrees exhibited in the ‘Look up’ symbol is indicative of technology. There are rare examples of right angle in nature. However the importance right angle in optics, aerodynamics and engineering is well founded.

To Conclude is now represented by a symbol which exudes the spirit of the organization- progressive, optimistic and innovative. Housing is here. Look up!
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Friday, 20 February 2015

Xiomi MI Powerbank Discount Offer !! Review @ Suhel Sayyad

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
They were guaranteed and here they are, the most recent offering from the fierce Chinese brand Xiaomi. The organization has drawn out their two Mi force banks in India which will make other force bank producers truly anxious. With monstrous limit and unassuming estimating, the gadgets, may without a doubt offer like hot cakes in the realm of juice parched cell phone batteries. 

Xiomi MI Powerbank Review

Presently these gadgets look beyond any doubt look amazing. This is the thing that you get when you take spark from Apple items. The cleanser bar estimated Mi power banks are a remarkable comfort to have. We tried out the 10400mAh form for you, and it is accessible in a 5200 mAh variation. The Mi force bank has a textured anodized aluminum packaging that covers the whole battery and has a smooth metallic complete and fits in your grasp. It is asserted to be water and erosion safe. The surface is a bit tricky yet that can be effectively tended to by utilizing the elastic case gave it. 

In spite of the fact that its a slight bit overwhelming, around 250 grams, however with its huge limit, the holders wouldn't fret dragging around some additional weight. The LED pointers for battery level particularly emerge against the unadorned surface. 

The Mi Power banks have anodized aluminum shell that provides for them a premium look and a robust form quality that you don't expect in force banks in this value range. These have bended corners and have Mi marking on the front. The charging/releasing chips are outlined by Texas Instruments and the cell is fabricated by LG or Samsung. India gets just the silver-hued variation, however in a few nations like China it comes in distinctive hues. These vibe strong under control and doesn't get scratched, despite the fact that it has smooth aluminum complete on the outside. Since it is in silver shading, clean and stains are plainly noticeable. At the same time these are water and consumption safe. 

The littler 5200mAh force bank is minimized and can fit in your jean pocket effortlessly since it is only 5.5 cm wide. It measures 155 grams, around 95 grams lesser than the 10400mAh variation. 

The 10400mAh force bank has 2.0A info and 2.1A yield, so you can even charge an iPad, yet the 5200mAh offers 1.5A yield, which is insufficient to charge an iPad. These force banks come just with a little USB link. You have to get a divider charger independently to charge these force banks. Better utilize a 2A charger since it takes a few hours to accuse these force banks of a 1A charger. 

Both have LED markers, standard USB opening, micro USB space and a catch on the top. The LED pointer demonstrates the remaining battery left when you are utilizing and the remaining battery that needs to be charged when it is charging. The LED pointer may be excessively splendid in dull environment. It charges gadgets promptly when it is joined, pressing the catch just demonstrates the remaining charge left. 

Going to the execution, the 10400mAh force bank (3.6V for 37.44Wh) can charge the iPad Mini 1.5 times, Mi 3 around 2.5 times and the Moto G five times. The 5200mAh force bank (3.6V for 18.72Wh) can charge the Mi 3 around 1.5 times and Moto G 2.5 times. The 10400mAh force bank charges the gadgets quicker since it offers 2.1A yield. Power lost amid voltage change is a typical issue in force banks, and Xiaomi guarantees 93% charging transformation rate for the 10400 mAh force bank and 85% charging change rate for the 5200mAh variation. It likewise says that these have been tried to withstand 5,000 MicroUSB insertion or evacuation cycles and 1500 USB insertion or evacuation cycles. 

These force banks doesn't get warmed a bit even twilight of utilization, contrasted with most other force manages an account with metal form. Absence of USB charger in the case is satisfactory considering the sticker. Wish the 10400mAh power bank had an extra USB opening to charge an alternate gadget. These have nine layers of circuit chipset security, says the organization.
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Latest apps on both iOS and Android that you can't avoid

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Despite the fact that phone manufacturers go over their heads to bring out more and more features with every new model they release, it’s the apps that really make the difference in the vast majority of cases. Just think about it for a second: having a last-gen smartphone that packs in an ultra-powerful processor, tons of RAM and a crystal-clear display is not of much use without the some adequate software to put all those horsepower to good use, whereas a modest phone with awesome apps can still do a good job. An awesome thing about apps is that there’s always something new out there, something that’s absolutely worth trying, so we’ve put together a list of apps that fit the bill right this instant. Whether you’re an Android or an iOS user, we have something great for you.


Latest apps on both iOS and Android that you can't avoid

Security is an important aspect nowadays, and unfortunately is also an aspect that we tend to neglect, intentionally or not. In a time where a tiny mistake can make put all your digital life at risk, using a password manager is one of the best possible ideas. 1Password packs in all the features you need to ensure the safety of your digital life: AES-256 bit encryption, one-tap login, easy synchronization between devices and even a complete lockdown mode for the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen or lost. The iOS version of 1Password also features Touch ID compatibility. Get 1Password for iOS here, or 1Password for Android here.

Impossible Rush

Latest apps on both iOS and Android that you can't avoid
There are literally countless games available for each platform at this point, so for a game to make it out of the crowd, it needs to really have that special something. Impossible Rush has exactly that: it’s simple, colorful and more addictive than words can describe. Oh, and it was designed by a 15-year-old. Don’t let the age of the developer fool you, though – the game exploded in popularity, and the young developers already received numerous collaboration proposals from tech giants such as Facebook and Google. Impossible Rush for Android is available here, while the iOS version of the game is available here.


Latest apps on both iOS and Android that you can't avoid
If you can’t make it through the day without Instagram, chances are you’ll love Hyperlapse. The app is designed to allow you to capture cinematic hyperlapses, being able to compress up to 45 minutes of video in just a few magnificent seconds. Aside from compressing the videos, Hyperlapse also removes the shaky factor, resulting in a clean and stable hyperlapse that will leave everyone speechless. Unfortunately the official version of Hyperlapse is only available on iOS (get it here), but there are several Android alternative as well, the most similar being Framelapse. You can also try LapseIt, a powerful app that’s not as easy to use, but packs in a lot of interesting features.


Latest apps on both iOS and Android that you can't avoid

Since we’ve recommended an app that’s iOS-specific, it’s only fair that we list one that’s Android-specific as well, so meet AirDroid. The app allows you to control your smartphone from your PC or Mac, which is a useful option to have when you’re working and cannot be bothered to check on your phone. AirDroid allows you to read and send text messages, initiate phone calls, transfer files to and from the phone and many other features. Some of the features (such as screen mirroring) require a rooted phone, but most of the basic stuff should run flawlessly on any phone.iPhone users might find these features familiar, and there’s a good reason for that: there are two Apple-friendly apps that perform pretty much the same functions – AirDrop and Continuity. You can get the AirDroid Android app here, or visit the official website for other versions.

This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Hidden Object Games 365!

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Friday, 6 February 2015

How to Sync iTunes Movies from Computer to iPhone 6

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
It is just recently that the Apple announced and released two of their latest iPhones in the market which were the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus which are considered to be their best releases so far in terms of the great technological levels they have been built in. It is because of the features such as having large screens that are relatively larger than all their previous releases, their processors are very powerful that make these two phones capable of performing various tasks with ease and at a very fast rate faster than all their previous versions. It is important that you note that Apple has come with a new look for the phones where the phones now have round corners and their bodies being also very slim making it a very easy phone to carry around and use. These two phones also come with increased effectiveness of the inbuilt applications such as its camera which is very powerful both the front camera as well as the rear camera. However its newest feature is that of the Apple phones having the online Apple payment system which makes it possible for Apple phone users to perform various transactions with their phones.
 How to Sync iTunes Movies from Computer to iPhone 6

Now if you are a movie lover, you will definitely love this phone since this phone has been built to make such experiences such as watching movies very interesting and enjoyable right from the large screen where you will be watching those movies from.You can use  free movie downloads for android. If you like moving the movies you purchase on iTunes from your computer to your iPhone this will be a very good opportunity to do this without experiencing any difficulties. However, it is very important that you note that transferring your movies from the iTunes purchases on your computer is by far recommended when you need to transfer these movies to your phone as compared to transferring them from the iTunes movies rentals since when using the iTunes movies permanently moves the movies from the computer to your iPhone and you will therefore completely lose them if you use this method. The transfer of movies from the iTunes moviesrentals is usually this restricted since it usually uses the DRM protection policy where you and for you to transfer the movies from your computer to your iPhone, you will need to ensure that you remove this DRM protection and then you can enjoying transferring your movies to your iPhone without losing them in your computer.

How to remove the DRM protection from your computer

There are various processes you could engage yourself in removing this DRM and if you are using a Mac computer, you could very well use the readily available application for removing this protection known as the TunesKit iTunes DRM removal software which is specifically designed for the Mac people. This software will help you remove the fair play protection which is basically the policy which used by DRM to protect the iTunes movies rentals. If you are using a PC you may find it useful to use the Aimersoft DRM media converter which will be your best opportunity to removing the DRM protection and being able to transfer movies to your iPhone 6 from your computer from where you may now choose to sync all those movies to your iPhone 6 through your computer. However, there are certain situations which may arise causing you to experience difficulties in being able to sync your iTunes movies from your computer to your iPhone 6 and you may begin to wonder what the probes is. You should however not worry and follow the procedure below which will guide you on how to get your movies synced in your iPhone 6 from your computer.

Using the iTunes to sync your movies from your computer to your iPhone 6

 How to Sync iTunes Movies from Computer to iPhone 6

Since you want to use the iTunes to sync your computer movies to your iPhone 6, you will need to make sure that your computer can access the iTunes. After that the first procedure to undertake will be to connect your iPhone to the computer using the available USB cable and you will notice the iTunes launching by itself and if it fails to start by itself, you should start it from your computer since you can access it after the USB connection. After the iTunes windows opens, you should proceed to clicking file option on that window which should give some more options among them new as well as many other drop down options. You should choose the add file to library option from the options that will show up after clicking on the file option in the iTunes window and after that you will be required to select which movie videos you wish to add to that library and by selecting the type of video you want and opening it, will be added to the media files of your iTunes library.
After the library has been created, you should now proceed to the next step which is to access the My Computer option on your computer and open it and then choose where the movies are stored in your computer.You can download free movies to iphone.After you have selected the various movies you want to sync to your phone, you may highlight them all and then copy them to the iTunes library you just created and since the window will still be open you will not need to open it again. After that we will now move to the final stage which is very simple where you will be required to find your iPhone name according to how you have named your iPhone 6 from the iTunes and open it from where you will be required to select the videos tab options from where you will be able to see the sync movies option and by clicking on that option and selecting the movies you added to your iTunes library, you will certainly be in a position to sync as many movies as possible depending on the available memory on your iPhone 6. Surely this is a very easy process that will take very minimal time and you should try it to experience how amazing it is to watch movies with the iPhone 6.
Author Bio: Prerna Puri  is a tech lover. She believes that everything, if integrated with technology could be done easily. She has written some famous articles on android,iphones,movies.

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