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Things to consider before applying for Google Adsense Program

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Google Adsense Program is a trusted and highly popularized program in the online world. It offers a far greater ease with which you can make money as compared to other ad networks. There are series of things which you need to consider prior to applying for Google Adsense Program. The following post basically deals on the same aspect

Things to consider before applying for Google Adsense Program

Content has to be original

Content is regarded to be the king for a blog and Google highly values the content which is of quality. It is a big “No-No” to make use of the copied content in your blog. After all, content has to be original as Google highly values the content which is not copied.

Allot one name for an approved Google Adsense program

Google Adsense program doesn’t allow two accounts on one address, so make sure to follow on the same.

The age of domain

If you are a blogger from India and China, and want to get it approved, then your domain should be at least 6 months old. Since, Google is quite strict about the activities of the bloggers from such countries. However, there is an exception if the blogger resides in UK or USA; there is a chance that it will be readily approved even in just few weeks. Your domain should also be .com, .co, .in, .edu etc. Preferably it shouldn’t be a sub domain as well.

Google’s terms and conditions

Before applying for Google Adsense Program, it is important to read about the terms and conditions in a detailed manner as it will help you to remove any type of problems in the process.

Website’s design should be simple

If possible, make the design of the blog simple and don’t use plug-ins or software which makes way to extra clicks. In the event when the design of the blog is not according to the policy of Google, then inspite of working hard, your account is unlikely to get approved.
You should choose the templates which besides being professional are equally top notch and it should be devoid of any sort of malware.

Third party ads

Google is highly concerned about bloggers using the third party ads as you have to be careful about the subject and should strictly follow on the policy of Google. In the event when you violate the policy in any way, then you won’t be able to get your account approved. In order to be at safer side, you should refrain yourself from using other networks and go only with Adsense program.

Placement of Ads

Google only allows you to place 3 ads per page. They shouldn’t be placed in such a way that irritate readers and have to equally look normal to the human eye.


Hence, after reading about the aforesaid things to consider before applying for Google Adsense Program, you will ease yourself in your quest of getting your Google Adsense approved. It is so easy after all.
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Custom Research Paper- Genuine and Exemplary

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Android One set for India debut in September

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NEW DELHI: Android One, the Google project that promises rich smartphone experience on low-cost devices, faces its first big test when Micromax, Karbonn and Spice launch products based on it in India early next month.

The three Indian manufactures are set to price the handsets between Rs 7,000 and Rs 10,000, which is higher than the initially expected sub-$100 (Rs 6,000) tag. At this price, these devices - at least one each initially from the vendors - would give the same experience of usingmid-to-high price range devices, people familiar with the products told ET.

Google is expected to roll out similar handsets in other emerging markets depending on consumer response in India. The success of Android One is critical for Google as it would help the company bring in new users to its Android platform, especially at a time when the market share of the most popular mobile operating system could hit a plateau globally.

Google didn't respond to emailed questions. Micromax, Karbonn and Spice declined comment as well.

Android One set for India debut in September; Micromax, Karbonn ready to launch smartphonesOne of the people directly involved in the development of the smartphones said the prices have gone higher than the initially planned sub-$100 because Google intends to offer better features and apps. "Android One is setting minimum hardware and software standards for the three vendors, who are adding or improving upon them in future devices under the Android One umbrella," this person said.

The decision on final pricing of the devices is left to the local handset makers who can choose their addressable market segments while competing in the thriving Indian smartphone market which is set to double to more than 80 million devices this year.

To ensure product quality and final consumer experience, Google is working closely with the companies to develop the handsets and specify compatible components that local handset makers would have to incorporate from original design manufacturers in China, according to people privy to the contours of the talks between the vendors and the US company.

Android One is a reference platform that device makers can follow to develop and produce low-cost smartphones. It ensures that even low-end devices can run Google's latest softwares and updates to offer uniform user experience.

Google in late June announced that it had tied up with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice to develop sub-$100 smartphones, saying some of the initial devices will hit the markets in September, starting with India. The US Internet major had said it was also working with Indian carriers to offer affordable data packs to go with the smartphone, but didn't elaborate, while showcasing a Micromax device that had dual SIM slots, a 4.5-inch screen, expandable memory and FM radio.

One of the smartphones that is likely to be launched next week, and that ET had an exclusive look at, has a removable back, 1700-mAh battery, dual SIM slots and SD card slot to expand memory. The devices that the vendors are offers are likely to have 5-megapixel cameras, quad-core processors and 1 GB RAM with 4.3-4.5 inch screens. They will run on Google's Android operating system Kitkat 4.4.4 version.

"The operating system on the Android One devices will be upgraded to Android L in October," one of the people said. This upgrade will allow users to have better browsing and gaming experience at affordable prices, making the smartphones attractive buys for first-time buyers and those wanting to replace their existing phones.

"Advantages of screen size and Google updates could make a difference to these smartphones offering better performance to what Indian buyers are accustomed to," said PwC India's Mohammad Chowdhury.

Sources at the handset vendors said that Google is spending resources on handholding them for creating smartphones of specific quality in the future. ET had earlier reported that Google will spend more than Rs 100 crore with its partners on advertising and marketing for the $100 smartphone.

"The arrangement under Android One is a win-win for all parties," said Vishal Tripathi, principal analyst at Gartner India. "Consumers get better, yet cheaper, phones, Google gets to control hardware and software besides easy management of content on its app store and updates, while handset makers may get more margins."

The Internet giant had been planning the Android One initiative since 2013. This tied in well when one of the leading Indian vendors formally approached Google in February 2014 with a proposal for low-cost smartphones for emerging markets like India.

"The fact that Google was already planning a big move on the affordable handset front made it all the more easier for the handset makers," a person aware of talks between the vendors and the US major said.

Google intends to increase presence in emerging markets where smartphone usage is on the rise as opposed to China or Western markets, which face saturation. And, it chose the Indian home-bred phone makers who have changed the dynamics of the country's handset market, pushing even established players like Nokia to being an also ran in the Indian market in just four years. Analysts said since the local players will grow further and one of them may even topple leader Samsung soon, it's only logical that Google supports them in India.

"Android One will also help Google to bring in new users to its Android ecosystem, especially at a time when its overall market share could hit a plateau," said CyberMedia Research's lead analyst, Tarun Pathak.

According to IDC, Android had nearly 85% of the global handset market, far ahead of the nearly 12% held by Apple's iOS and 2.5% of Windows.

With Android One, "the proportion of sub-$200 volumes will climb even higher," from the nearly 59% currently, IDC said.

Pathak said that with Android One, Google hopes to counter the threat from growing forked Android devices and against new entrants in the operating system market like Firefox's Mozilla, Samsung's Tizen and Jolla's Sailfish.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review on “C Interview Q&A” 2nd Edition published by Shroff Publisher (SPD)

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There are several books on C programming published by different Publishers and different authors. But still students face many problems in answering questions on C language in technical written tests and interviews. This is also observed when students find it difficult to solve questions in GATE examination. The “C Interview Q&A” book addresses exactly these problems. The book is useful for all students aspiring to work in IT industries or one preparing for GATE examination. The students of various engineering disciplines, BCA, MCA and MSc(Computer Science) will be benefited from the book. 

The book covers almost all different types of objective questions asked on C Language. Though there are few books in similar pattern, these books do not give explanation to the answers. Hence it becomes mystery for a student who don’t understand the logic behind the answer. The author of “C Interview Q&A” has given explanation of each answer; this is very useful to students for understanding concepts. The book also discusses important theory on each topic at beginning of each topic to make clear understanding of the concepts.

Overall, “C Interview Q&A” book is a perfect guide for students to understand tricks and traps in C programming and to dissolve mystery of C programming
I would hence like to make an appeal to all my dear students that you can purchase copy of this book for long term investment. You can purchase this book from following link. If you use the below link you will get discounted price.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Important Apps for your Android Phones in 2014

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Android is the leading Smartphone OS (Operating System) around the world.  Smart Phone market is keep on increasing with fight between iOS and Android. It is also very hot topic in current generation though Android and iOS both is winner in some situations but numbers of Android phone users are more than iOS phone users (as survey by Kantar in 2014).  So today I picked up Android for you all!!!
Android phones are all over in the world and in this new generation people only look for smartphones which give them 1000’s of interactive features with tons of FREE apps.
There are nearly 1.2 million apps in the Google Play and out of theses 1 million apps are FREE.  This makes it harder to find right app for you. So here, I am going to give you some room by listing the best FREE apps in the Google play which is quite necessary to your phone or a must download app all by 2014.
I have categorized the apps so that people looking for niche apps can get it easily.
Below are the following categories present in the info-graphic shown below!!!
  • Books & References
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Media & Video
  • News
  • Personalization
  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Tools
  • Travel
  • Weather
I hope you enjoy the info-graphic and find the best app to your phone.


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