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How to check genuine email

E-mail is a common way to communicate online. Sometimes, we need to know the genuine e-mail sender to the e-mail address. You can easily get detailed information e-mail sent by displaying full headers of incoming e-mail. And can use the information contained in the e-mail headers in full knowledge of the e-mail address the sender IP, location, and URL field so much more.

Google (Google) E-mail sender IP

1. Open the e-mail in the top of any Gmail e-mail message. Never open any e-mail message, and then click the down arrow next to Reply button and click "Show original" option.

2. Open a new window with a lot of text.

Yahoo mail e-mail sender IP

1. Never open any e-mail message and then click the button the entire head in the bottom right (if you use Yahoo Mail Classic). New Yahoo Mail beta users can open the e-mail message on the eyes and ears and procedures and then go to> head full details with images]
2. The upper part of the e-mail message with an expanded view of a lot of additional details. Find "IP-X-originating 'in the mail header information. This is the actual IP address of the sender of the e-mail.

Windows Live Hotmail e-mail sender IP

Unlike Yahoo and Google, there is no option to view e-mail addresses turn heads atleast in one e-mail message status. You need to log on to an account and Windows Live Hotmail inbox click of a button. Then right-click on any e-mail message and click "View message source. Will open a new window showing the full details of the e-mail header to receive e-mail at the expense of Windows Live Hotmail

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