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Tips to Increase your website / blog traffic

Bloggers want that their articles reach more people and to be known in search engines. It's essential for the life of a blog because without readers the blogs die.

Here, I have identified few points in these few months of blogging...Readers are requested to add more points from their experience as comments to this posts....!!
Write unique quality content.
The content of the blog should be nice, so that readers will find it interesting to read.
Write often.
You should be writing on the blogs often. It should happen that you posts a lot at certain period of time with no posts followed for few days. The posts should be equally spaced so that crawlers get it by slow poisoning. 
Use a good domain name.
Example: Dont use .in....Go for .com. Also, give meaningful and short names to domains as they are easy to member. The name of blog should be content specific.
Work with the search engines and Submit your blog to search engines.
Find the appropriate keywords related to you blog and use them in the tittle posts, articles, footers, links, meta tags... and do it in Bold or Italic.
Put links and keywords in your online profiles.
If you have a profile in Linkedin or Facebook, Tweeter, Myspace... you can put the link of your blog in them and also the keywords
Promote your blog in forums
Find some forums of your interest and put links in to your signatures and if it's allowed, put links in to the posts bodies.

Use RSS.
Give users an RSS subscription.
Use analytics.
Google Analytics to see where your traffic comes, which pages or posts they visit more and which words they use in search engines to find your blog or website.
Comment in other blogs
Search for big blogs of your same area and comment in their posts. Make useful comments. Use relevant keywords. 
If you want that you blog appears in the search engines, you have to know what words people searh. There are free tools like Google Keywords that will help you with this. Search with this tool, words related to your blog and use the ideas that Google Keywords give you. Use them in your post bodies, links and post titles!   


  1. I'm new to blogging, thanks for the post, its informative.. but I can not understand where and hot to put meta tags, im confuse with keywords and contents for metatags

    1. That depends totally on what domain are you writing. Further, I would also like to ask you which blogging platform are you using?


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