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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean : New Features

In Android 4.2, Google added the ability to created additional users for a tablet, much the same way that Windows handles users. In Android 4.3, device owners can create restricted profiles that have limits on what a user can do. For users that have skinned versions of Android, this will probably be pretty boring, but stock Android can now auto complete names and phone numbers directly from the dialer. Wi-Fi often does double-duty as a location service if you don't want to leave GPS on all the time. If you switch off Wi-Fi to save battery, though, this brings location services down with it. In Android 4.3, your device can continue scanning for Wi-Fi in a more passive mode that uses much less battery, but still pings for networks so you can keep location-based features. It is available in Nexus 7

Here are the new features in the latest Android .
1. Bluetooth Smart
2. OpenGL ES 3.0 for better 3D graphics
4. Restricted profiles
5. Easier text input
6. Faster user-switching
7. Support for Hebrew and Arabic right-to-left languages
8. Bluetooth AVRCP
9. Background WiFi location
10. Dial pad autocomplete
11. Support for Hindi, Africaans, Amharic, Swahili and Zulu languages


  1. Great, You have covered all features that has been integrated in Android 4.3. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting. :)
    Google comes with Android 4.3, Check out Updated Features


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