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Choice of Template in designing your blog : Tips and Templates

Choosing a perfect template for your blog is too hard task, whether you want it for any platform such as Blogger or WordPress. Everyone like to make there blog look better and which there visitors also love, but not everyone can choose a perfect one. Also it is too important to choose a perfect template because no one likes a website which looks not good and also mainly visitors didn’t come back to such type sites, and for only that you may lost a new subscriber of your blog. So, in this article I will give you some tips to choose a perfect template for your blog.

Having a good design is important; and I think you may already know it but it is important to have good design but that must match with your blog niche. Always choose a template which looks same in every browser. Many templates are not looks much good with old Internet Explorer browsers so try to choose a template which should compatible from IE8 to newer, so it will make you sure that other browsers will show your website good. Choosing responsive template is also a good choice. Responsive sites mainly didn’t make visitors bored by scrolling because that template will fit in there computer, mobile or tablet PC’s screen, so it will lower your site’s bounce rate and also will increase your traffic. Everyone like fast websites, if any website load slowly than simply we close that and open another, and that is what your visitors can do. So, make sure that the template you are using is fast enough otherwise your site’s bounce rate will increase too high. The source from where you are going to download the template should be a trusted source because many of template providers put malicious codes which makes your blog slower and even can down your blog. I also recommend that you own create a template for your blog because that will be as your needs and also will suit your blog’s niche. You can use any framework to develop a template as that is easy for beginners and also good for professionals.

It is hard to find good templates for your Blogger blog due to lack of interest of designers towards Google's great blogging platform, still there are some great coders who put their time and efforts to develop high quality and feature rich templates for this platform also. Most of high quality Blogger templates are adapted from premium WordPress themes. Today, I've listed five high quality Blogger templates for your blog.

1. Alyeska II Blogger Template

Alyeska II Blogger template is one of the most beautiful templates for Blogger I've ever seen. The beautiful slider on homepage will catch your sight immediately. Additionally, social profile icons are beautifully stacked at the top. Moreover, the background and other features of the template are also cool.

2. Rocket Blogger Template

Rocket is yet another high quality Blogger template. The sticky sidebar navigation makes it different from other common templates.    

3. Jarid Blogger Template

Jarid is a three column template. The beautiful slider on homepage along with beautifully arranged posts with thumbnails of Jarid template will give your blog a decent look. Apart from this, the navigation is styled with CSS which gives beautiful effects on hovering. Cool social icons are also placed on sidebar. All these make Jarid a perfect template for any blog.

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