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Methods to generate backlinks : Do' s and Don't s

When you write your article, it is must that you market it in a proper way so that it reaches to maximum readers. For this always, we strive for different methods. In this article, I am going to discuss some points as Do' s and Don't s for your article.


Do' s :

Unique Content :

If you article are not unique and are duplicated copy of some article, then this article is not going to be selected by the search engines. We refer this as duplicate article penalty in terms of Search Engine. Whenever you declare links in such duplicated article then it does not carry similar weight age as links in the original and unique content. So it is important that your articles are having unique content for consideration of backlinks. Unique articles is basic method to generate backlinks.

Using Keywords : 

You should be very careful in using of Keywords associated to your article. Selection of keywords is another important factor that can result into increase of your backlinks. It therefore generates more backlinks for you. You can spread the links all over your article, so that it feels natural to the search engines. It is important the you have lot of backlinks based on the search term provided by you as keyword from the search engine. So it is a careful point which you must take care before writing keywords for your article.

Links to Related Sites :

It is always good to get the links from the sites that are related to your site. If you are writing on Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks then it is natural to get backlinks from sites based on Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Traffic generation tips and tracks , Backlinks etc.. A backlink from a related site is carrying a more weight age than a backlink from an unrelated site. So we must take care of spread the backlinks based on topics. You should not go off topic in those scenarios.

Lots of Links :

No doubt quality is an important factor, but one cannot ignore quantity too. You should get quantity of backlinks too. You want to make sure that you're getting a decent number of backlinks for the amount of effort you put into producing the article. Spending an hour on an article only to get one or two backlinks is not an effective use of your time. 

Don't s :

Copied content. 

Even if you make five versions of your article for five different article directories, you still only have five chances to have your article appear in the search engines. Any time another site picks up the article, it'll be seen as copied content.

Non usage of article directories :

Dont make a mistake of ignore article directories, make use of article directories for your article submission, so that it will get high percentage of traffic based on it.

Ignore Social Networking :

Dont forget to use the Social Networking sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter to market your articles. You can get huge amount of backlinks based on these Social Networking website.


In this article, we have seen some Do's and Don't s that we should take care while writing and marketing our article, which will in turn be helpful in generating backlinks for website.


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