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Android Phone Must Use App

Android Phones are now at commonplaces. Continuing with such an situation, it is natural to talk about Android Phone Apps. There are many Android app in market, but their are few apps which are used commonly by many users. This article brings you a flavor of most commonly used applications.

Android Phone Must Use Apps Common Used Apps in Android

Top mobile phone applications are:

1. Facebook App

No Introduction required at all. The Facebook is one of the world’s most popular and highly visited sites. An average person spends a hour per day on Facebook. There are a lot of features that are offered by this app. This makes application preloaded with almost all mobile phone across all the major OS platforms.

2. Angry Birds Star Wars

Favorite games amongst many Android users. The game has captured the entire world by storm. This is a simple game that is based on some laws of physics. This game is available in various versions across all the leading platforms.

3. Google Drive

The application is built for those people who are working on their go. The application is built in such a way that it allows you to access and edit your documents, presentations and excel sheets anytime and anywhere. This app gives its users a satisfaction in their daily business activities.

4. MX Player

Most Loved Video Player by Android Users. This app is capable of playing various audio and video formats without any need for downloading codecs and plugins. There are many features related to video play which makes it app a user friendly ones and famous amongst its users.

5. Need For Speed Most Wanted

We have encountered Need For Speed (NFS) at some point of our lives. This exotic racing game from Electronic Arts has set the standards for the future racing games that will be based on mobile.

6. Twitter

This is another social media connectivity application where you can connect and share your views with the outside world. The application is capable of doing almost everything that you can perform on the website. This is how you can be connected with all your friends on the go.

7. APMobile

This is a major news application that is built for the iOS platform. This application shows content from major news websites of the world such as New York Times, etc. This app makes you people stay connected with latest news and findings across the globe.

8. LinkedIn

This is job and profile searching application that finds the best jobs and suitable networks that you must join in order to gain maximum exposure.

9. Temple Run 2

This is another game which is famous amongst many Android users.Many people spend hours behind playing Temple Run on their android phone. The second edition of this game has come up with many new graphical features which makes this game even more interesting.

There are still many apps which are not in the list but might be your favorite ones. Do comment below on those apps.

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