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Blogs - Benefit to students

Students blogs are now commonplace. There are many universities and colleges that now suggest writing blogs as their embedded assignments. Next question that clicks in our mind is whether writing blog improves students way of learning. The answer for this question is student himself. Some students are able to speak their understanding but some are able to rewrite it in their own words. Later can go for writing blogs.

Some students (especially in the programming community) are thriving through creating video tutorials of the things they have learn. Not only is it a good revision exercise, it actually helps them to cement some of their most foundation principles in their mind. Some people are able to do all of this by typing up their notes, and if this is the case, then adding them to a blog is only common sense.

Student Blogging


A student may be able to revise his or her notes via a blog. All a student needs to do is type up these notes and bulk them out with revision from learning material (textbooks mostly). Not only is this a good way of remembering what was said in the lecture, it also allows the student to expand on what he or she is learning.


Students are able to swap study notes. If more than one student types up and posts his/her study notes, then both students may share their ideas via their blogs. Each may plug holes in the other person’s knowledge, or remind one student of something that he or she may have missed during the lecture.


Traffic to the blog may actually generate a few dollars upon occasion. Blogs have been known to generate a few dollars per month, thanks to affiliate advertising. If your blog starts to receive traffic from people within the same study field as you, then adding affiliate adverts may not be such a bad idea. The few clicks that you get from them will pay off at the end of each month by paying you a few cents per click. It is not much, but it is better than nothing.

Change to Expert

A successful blog that is crammed full of information about the student’s field of study may elevate the student to the position of an online expert. If you link your blog to your LinkedIn profile, and to a lesser extent, your Facebook profile, you may find that other people start to regard you as an online expert.


A blog may help to show employers just how much you learned and how good you are. Therefore, would result into increase in the placement opportunities for the students. This would help you monetize your learning process of your graduation.

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