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Google Plus versus Facebook

OK, so what is the main difference between Facebook and Google Plus

If there’s one main difference, I’d say it’s this:
  • Facebook focuses on connecting you with your existing friends and your relationships with them.
  • Google Plus helps you build new connections, find interesting people and discover content that can surprise and delight you.
That’s not to say that Facebook can’t help you discover new things, or that Google Plus can’t help you stay in touch with your current friends, far from it. 

Google Plus versus Facebook

Circles in Google Plus

You can make these circles about anything you like: you might have one for family members, one for business colleagues, another one for people that post awesome photographs and another for popular science.
Circles have two major advantages:
  1. You can post your content to one circle, all your circles or to a public feed, so you can control exactly who sees what you post
  2. You control what you see from every circle in your content feed. You might want to see everything that your family posts but only the best posts from the photographers.
That’s all very easy to setup in Google Plus and it will quickly become second nature. This means that you can interact with the people you want to in the way that suits you best.
Google+ Is Good SEO. 
Google rewards the +1s on Google posts with better organic SERP placement. 
Google+ Offers Better Analytics.  
We find the influences numbers in Ripples more insightful than the corresponding Reach metric in Facebook, and the visual guide is more engaging to us than the plain jane bar charts or the far too big CSV download of Facebook analytics. 
Google+ Offers Complete Integration With Other Google Services. 
This includes Maps, Shopping, Wallet, and Drive. 
Google+ is Less Intrusive With Its Ads. 
Because Google+ derives its ad revenue from referral traffic directly into normal Google search, the actual user interface itself is much cleaner and less cluttered than Facebook’s.

Features in Google Plus not available in Facebook

Two of the most exciting features on Google Plus are personalised search and hangouts. 
Personalised Search – As we all know, Google is always working to try and provide the most relevant search results for our questions. One of the best measures for this is what our friends and connection think; after all, if it’s relevant to them, it may well be relevant to us.
Google Plus uses these connections to suggest search results based on what your contacts on Google Plus like. If they have read and liked an article, it may show up higher in your searches on a similar topic when you do a standard search on Google. This means that you get to the information you need more quickly. 
Hangouts – Imagine if you could hold a real-time, virtual meeting with video and audio with a chosen collection of friends, colleagues or others. Google Plus has this functionality built in, through ‘Hangouts’. These are virtual meeting rooms that you just need a microphone and (optionally) a web cam to join and are a great way to discuss common interests. 


From this article, I would like to conclude that Google Plus though looks a bit hectic for starters, it is a social networking carrying good points over Facebook. So all social networking users can jump in for Google Plus at the earliest.

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