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How To Rank Your Articles In In-Depth Article : Google Panda Algorithm

Reported tests of in-depth search snippets from Google were received about 6 weeks ago. Google has announced a week ago that they will show these in-depth articles in the search results when the query is about understanding a broader topic. Google said this will help 10% of the queries that are seeking more than just a quick answer, really dive deeper into broader topics.
Here is a picture of what you might see in the search results when this is fully rolled out:

How To Rank Your Articles In In-Depth Articles

This feature will be made available at google.com in English for starters but Google promises to expand this feature to other regions and languages.

How To Rank Your Articles In In-Depth Articles:

As a webmaster and publisher, you are asking yourself, how do I get my content in this new section on Google's search results?

Pandu Nayak, the engineer who designed much of Google's Panda algorithm, explained that the ranking algorithm looks specifically for content that is "high-quality and in-depth." To help Google understand your content, Panda recommends:
  •     use schema.org “article” markup,
  •     provide authorship markup,
  •    rel=next and rel=prev for paginated articles (also watch out for common rel=canonical mistakes)
  •     provide information about your organization’s logo,
  •     and of course, create compelling in-depth content.
Google also has a detailed help document on this topic.

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