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Tips to reduce Bounce Rate of your blog

What Is Bounce Rate?

Reduce Bounce Rate What is Bounce Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate..!!!
If you check Alexa analytic, you will see that there exists a factor called “Bounce Rate” and it shows some stats. Like for example, Bounce rate is 50%. It means that 50% of the people who visit your blog do not think that they need to visit another page of your blog. In simple terms 50% of the people who visit your blog just view one page.
  • This could mean several things -
  • Your information is not great, so they do not feel the need to read more on your blog. 
  • You do not have a fixed topic on your blog. 
  • You have not linked to other pages on your blog properly.

What Is The Best Bounce Rate?

Well, ideally we want all our visitors to stay on our blog forever without leaving, so bounce rate goes out the window. 
But practically, is is good to achieve a bounce rate that is as low as possible. Getting to a bounce rate of 20% to 30% would be excellent!

How To Decrease Bounce Rate?

Truth be told, reducing bounce rate is child’s play if the content on your blog is excellent. Content is the only thing which is responsible for reducing the Bounce Rate.
Lets begin with the best ways to reduce bounce rate of a blog -

Link To Your Inner Pages

Linking a lot of related pages together can cut bounce rate by half. This is one of the most important things to do to reduce bounce rate of your blog or website. Make sure that whenever you are writing a blog post, you will have your other blog posts in mind and add links to those wherever you feel appropriate. Linking to the following page types can also drastically decrease bounce rate of a blog -
  • Category Pages
  • Archive Pages
  • Tags
Usually when a visitor clicks through to these pages, they will end up clicking on to other pages as well. So linking to these kind of pages has a double effect in bring down bounce rate. But you also need to be careful…
Do not overdo the inner page linking.
Over-linking to other inner pages can lead to a Google penalty, which is something you need to always look to avoid as much as possible.

Link Out Less

If you link to too many blogs, then people may end of going to those blogs instead of continuing in your blog. So make sure that you limit the number of external sites you link out to. But of-course, if the link is helpful in the blog post, you must always go for it. You can also use the target=”_blank” tag to make sure that when people click on external links on your blog, they end up opening the link in a new tab.

Reduce The Number Of Ads

If you think that you will make a lot of money by having a lot of ads, then please think again. Having too many ads can kill a blog. Your bounce rates may reach 90 to 95% if you have too many ads.
It is not worth losing out on a visitor for a few cents.
Keep the ads to a minimum, maybe use at max 3 ads on a page on your blog. 

Use Bounce Rate Decreasing Widgets

Use the following widgets to improve your bounce rate drastically….
  • Popular Posts
  • Recent Posts
  • Most Commented
  • Recently Reviewed
  • Categories
  • Tags
These widgets generally draw the attention of a visitor and hence tends to get a lot of clicks, when this happens, you get more pageviews as well as reduce the bounce rate.


So these are some ways in which I try to reduce the bounce rate of my blog, If you know of any other ways to do the same, please let me know in the comments section.
If you have tried these tactics to decrease bounce rate, then please let me know the stats and if they worked or not :)


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