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Compatible Apps for iOS 7

Although the iOS 7 was just released September 18, various developers have already come up with apps that are compatible with the new operating system. This is welcome news for people who use specific apps for work and entertainment purposes.
Let us take a look at the early crop of apps that have been developed specifically for use with iOS 7…

Social Networking

When it comes to new iOS releases, Twitter and Facebook are always not too far behind to come up with apps to accompany the launch of a new iPhone operating system. While there are no significant changes in Twitter, its icons and navigation bars have been given a brighter and flatter look that is compatible with iOS2. On the other hand, Facebook has also adopted a flatter appearance, but it also includes navigation and toolbar which the user can directly access at the bottom of their iPhone's main screen. Twitterific adds a touch of whimsy by putting iOS 7 flares where suitable as well as provides tweet updates right in the iPhone's background.

Compatibile Apps for iOS 7

Notes Function

If you frequently jot notes down on your iPhone, there are four compatible apps to choose from. The layout of Simplenote has been simplified into an eye-friendly open design with big and thin text. Drafts also preferred to keep it simple by retaining their design but adding more convenient to use buttons and navigation bars. Evernote underwent a complete redesign to make their app easier to use, and brighter and cleaner to look at. Byword has fixed its custom keyboard so that it fits iOS 7 and has also adopted a flatter design.

Web Applications

While Chrome still looks the same as it previous versions, the icons have been made iOS 7 friendly with cleaner type. Mailbox also went for the flattened, streamlined style with its toolbars and buttons. Reeder 2 prefers to keep it simple by presenting a no-frills layout so as not to distract the user from the feeds he or she receives on the iPhone.

Reading Applications

Kindle has changed its appearance to make it visually compatible with iOS 7. These changes would include blurred backgrounds, thinner fonts, and folders that are exactly like the ones found on the actual Kindle device. Similar changes were made by The Huffington Post with their app. With the change in its logo design, Yahoo also underwent an app revamp with a now beautiful weather application. The app is also supportive of animated gifs and provides updated news alerts. On the other hand, The New York Times app went for big catchy headlines and photos over a cleaner layout that would instantly catch the eye. Instapaper has also gone for a simpler layout so as to make for a less cluttered reading experience. For the Digg app, a reader can download new stories off the Net directly into their background. While CNN has yet to unveil its new app, it is reportedly cleaner in layout with simple translucencies.

Discover more compatible applications for the iOS 7 today!

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