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DoFollow and NoFollow Links: Tips for your backlinks

Backlinks are the external links from totally different web sites pointing to your website or blog. This can be one amongst the foremost necessary factors out of the overall (almost 200) factors that search engines take into account for ranking your website in SERP. However all the backlinks aren't same, some are necessary whereas others not. therefore the purpose that comes in mind is a way to apprehend that link is more necessary and that is less necessary.  
If you are new to Search Engine Optimization, I would recommend you to first read this article
Therefore lets get into detail of this vital word in SEO that is termed DOFOLLOW vs NOFOLLOW.



When Google is crawling a website it tries to find external links point to other websites. If this links is “do follow” then search engines will follow the link and so link juice gets passed. For eg: 

<a href=http://www.suhelsayyad.com  rel=”dofollow”> Etechdiary </a>
<a href=http://www.suhelsayyad.com rel=”external”> Etechdiary </a>

Please make a note that the rel=”dofollow” and rel=”external” in the above code are used to define the link as do follow. Also if you do not use rel attribute the link will be treated as ‘dofollow’. These links are important in terms of SEO as they are tracked by search engines and the value (which is called link juice) of the links also gets transferred.


If a search engine finds a “no follow” backlink it will just ignore the link and will not get deeper into crawling and no link juice is passed. Fo eg:

<a href=http://www.just4tech.com  rel=”nofollow”> Etechdiary </a>

Please make a note about the “nofollow” attribute in the above code. This defines a link as “nofollow”. "Nofollow” backlinks are not useful in terms of search engines as it is not crawled. The comments section mostly have no follow links. But that does not mean that these links are useless. You can still get some quality traffic from these also.


   a) DoFollow (we can use dofollow in following instances)
  • Refer to site having related content.
  • High quality websites (like Google blog)
  • Link to the original source (in case you have referred content)
  b) NoFollow (we can use dofollow in following instances)
  • In comments section as we do not have any control on it (any spam website might write a comment which might affect your website)
  • Unrelated sites in content.
  • Casino, gambling.

So friends just as a quick review or summary we could state that a DoFollow Link will be a link that the Search Engines will be able to follow and as a result some SEO benefits will be transferred to the website that the link is pointing. Normally one of the major benefits while applying or getting DoFollow Links is that we can increase the Google Page Rank factor.


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