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iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2: New Feature And Release Date

Last year Apple announced three iPad one in the month of March(iPad 3) and two in the month of October(iPad 4 And iPad Mini). iPad 3 was the first Apple iPad to feature 9.7 inch retina display but it lacks some feature which were soon upgraded in iPad 4 later. On the other side iPad Mini was smaller size 7 inch tablet with no retina display.

According to the latest leaks this year we will see new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2. Here we will share what new feature will come in them and their release date.

New Feature In iPad 4 And Mini 2:

Space Gray Color iPad:

Apple launched iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in diffrent colors other than traditional black and white like green, blue, yellow, pink and gold. It seems like Apple will follow same trend on iPad also by launching iPad Mini 2 in space gray color.  This news seems to be confirm as lots of leaked photos around the web reveals iPad Mini 2 in space gray color. One of such photo you can see below.

iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2: New Feature And Release Date

A7 Chip Processor:

The newly launched dual core A7 chip in Apple iPhone 5S is expected to feature in both the iPad. Last year we see iPad Mini and iPad 4 were powered by different processor but this year it won't happen if online rumors are to be believed. This year A7 chip is expected to come in both whose processing speed is twice fast as iPad 4.

Retina Display:

People mostly don't prefer buying iPad Mini because it lacks retina display and further you can get it for just $100 more in full size iPad. But now people will have better choice to make as retina display is also expected to feature in iPad Mini 2.

Fingerprint Sensor:

Most talked feature of iPhone 5S, fingerprint sensor is also expected to come in both the iPad. With it you don't need to put passcode on your iPad instead your fingerprint on home button will verify. And further fingerprint verification will be used for making purchases through the App and iTunes Stores.

Other Feature:

The other feature in iPad 4 and iPad Mini 2 likely to remain same 5MP rear shooter, WI-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, internal storage up to 128GB and LTE for selected countries.

iPad 4 And Mini 2 Release Date:

In recent news Tim Cook, CEO Apple make statement at an earnings call said, "Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can't wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014". This clearly means company has something to launch this year itself and what it can be other then new iPad.

And as per all reports and analyst prediction the announce date of new iPad  seems  to be around mid of October 2013 and available by November 2013 in the market. Even French Web site MacGeneration claims that Apple will hold event on October 15. According to them, Apple will announce three new products iPad, iMacs and MacOS.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post from Rashmi Kapoor who is a blogger and loves writing about technology. Currently she writes about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on her blog and enjoys doing that.


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