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How to Choose the Right Keywords For Your SEO Campaign

When partaking in search engine marketing, the majority of SEO agencies recommend selecting target keywords as one of the first steps of a campaign. This process can be a crucial aspect of achieving success within the search engine results pages. Choosing phrases that are over ambitious in comparison to resources available will make it harder to succeed. Also, selecting terms that are easy to rank for but low in the number of people searching could result in very few users visiting your website. Therefore, it is important to research and gather data on your potential keywords to make an informed decision about which ones to focus on.

There are three main aspects to be considered SEO campaign: popularity, competition and trend.
Right Keywords For SEO Campaign
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When selecting keywords for your campaign, it is important to ensure that there is a level of interest in the phrase within search engines. Therefore, once a list of keywords is initially devised, estimated search levels for each phrase should be gathered. When using traffic tools, consider both broad and exact traffic; this will give an indication of the keyword’s reach across wider searches and the volume of traffic the exact term itself may receive.


It is important to consider how competitive the keyword you are about to target is. This can be done by reviewing the backlink profiles of competitors ranking for terms you wish to target during an SEO campaign. It is important to keep in mind that there are many more ranking metrics than just backlinks that decide ranking within the SERPs, so this should simply be used as a guiding metric of competitiveness and not dictate your campaign. The authority score given by SEOmoz may help as it predicts how a website should perform within search engine rankings.


It is also worth considering the long term benefit of the keywords you wish to target. Google Trends gives an indication of historic search trends for keywords within the search engine. This information can be particularly useful for selecting seasonal terms or to identify potential up and coming keyword targets.

Once data has been gathered on the three key areas, set conventions for keyword selection. These should be based on your website’s requirements and the resources for SEO available. Ensuring that all targets are realistic and attainable, gives you the best chance of selecting the right keywords for your campaign and SEO success.

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Tyler Sox is an account manager at integrated PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications. He has worked in the SEO industry since 2009, and has experience of a wide range of clients from SMEs to global multi-lingual brands. In his spare time Tyler enjoys a range of hobbies including sports, music, reading and gaming. Follow him on twitter @mrsox87.

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