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Important pages : Tips for your blog or website

Every blog or website has some essential elements. They're essential and necessary for various reasons, like Google won't approve an internet site or blog for Adsense unless it publishes a suitable privacy policy. Each of those pages ought to be given as a click able link on every blog page or post. This can be an honest thanks to use a footer that seems on each visible page on your website or blog. Let’s explore every of those ‘essential’ pages and the way to make them.

Important pages : Tips for your blog or website

Contact Page

Although you'll have a contact kind printed on bound pages or blog posts, it's additionally useful to supply a ‘Contact’ page on your blog or website. You might have searched for a contact page on a website for many a times. Therefore it makes sense to have such a page on your website or blog. This page ought to a minimum of offer associate degree email address, and so the other contact details you want to offer: Phone number, address. 

Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy ought to state your Organization and outline the terms utilized in the policy. It ought to then state what data you collect, however you collect it and what you are doing with it. It must state the rights of the reader, and supply details of however they will move requesting a replica of the knowledge you'll hold on them. Google views this as associate degree obligation, and a privacy policy will facilitate your rankings. 

About Us

Your ‘About Us’ or ‘About’ page ought to offer readers with data concerning you and/or your company. If your blog is personal one, wherever you're known with it instead of a company business, your readers can wish to find out additional concerning you. The ‘About’ page is additionally an honest platform for backlinks to the other blogs or websites you've got. you'll be able to embody a listing of those on the page – ideally with the hyperlinked web site name or the naked universal resource locator.

Terms and Conditions

Finally, if you apply any terms and conditions to the utilization of your blog or website , you must list them on a separate page. 


Here in this article, we have addressed some important pages that are must in any blog or a website in order to make the website close to perfection. Hope this inputs will help you in designing your blof or website. If you think some other elements that might be mandatory in the article, you can add your responses in the comments below.


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  2. It’s true that whenever we make our website from a website development company these pages like contact page, About us and history are the important and necessary pages so all the important pages link you should add in your website header or footer.


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