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Majestic SEO Review on their reports

Majestic SEO is a link analysis tool, with associate index of fifty two billion pages, a record of 350 distinctive URLs and 2.6 trillion mapping relationships (URL pointing to URL). Majestic SEO maintains its own internet crawler, “MJ12,” and keeps its own info of the net (like the most important search engines). The project belongs to Majestic-12 Ltd and is surpass volunteers, with the goal of creating a high quality program to contend on the worldwide market. Majestic SEO is a aspect project of the Majestic 12 program, designed to lift funds. during this article we tend to take an in depth investigate the Majestic SEO tool and its use in program improvement.

The drawback

The problem with massive business search engines is that they don’t share their information with anyone, particularly somebody involved with link graphs and algorithms. The reasoning is evident – it’s a competitive advantage on that Google alone spends many countless dollars.

Many commands like “link:”, “inanchor:”, “intitle:” etc, are purposefully distorted to confuse program optimizers and to decrease manipulation of search results. without this knowledge, it’s arduous to collect competitive SEO intelligence and to develop antacid methods.

The resolution

As the Majestic 12 program project was growing, founders and co-founders saw early the worth of their index – program improvement. therefore Majestic SEO was created. All income from Majestic SEO move to the Majestic twelve community fund, and founders also are trying to strike deals with leading program improvement corporations for SEO use of their index.

On the MJ SEO home page you'll be able to click on the “demo mode” link to induce a feel for their reports. this can be an in depth review of these reports.

There are eight report sections:
  • Overview
  • Domain URLs
  • Anchors
  • official Domains
  • Ref TLDs
  • Daily updates
  • Download
  • Options
Majestic SEO Review

Basic Tool Functions

First up is that the web site explorer, that takes your uniform resource locator and returns plenty of information: outline, prime Backlinks, Referring Domains, and prime Pages. every section is delineated on the results page, however you'll be able to click on the tabs and acquire a lot of in-depth information if you prefer. you'll be able to opt for the contemporary Index or the Historic Index and run the report on either the domain, the subdomain, or the page itself.

My favorite tool, the Backlink History, additionally shows over here within the results page however not in its own tab. Now, a note on the contemporary vs. Historic Index: the contemporary index offers you data from a rolling thirty day amount and is a lot of, um, fresh, whereas the Historic index offers you everything in Majestic’s history for a web site.

The Domain data offers you your Referring Domains and External Backlinks, thus you'll be able to quickly tell if you have got plenty of sitewides (if you have got tenk backlinks and 10 referring domains, yes, you have got plenty of sitewides.)

Your backlinks and referring domains are lessened into instructional and governmental and also the following data is displayed: Referring IP Addresses, category C Subnets, Indexed URLs, Images, Nofollow Links, Redirects, Frames, and Deleted Links. You’ll additionally see variety referred to as the Majestic Million that may be a list of the highest one thousand thousand domains as rated by Majestic SEO.

The Backlink History shows your a pair of charts: one is your external backlinks discovery over the past twelve months and also the different is your referring domains discovery over the past twelve months. you'll be able to click on these 2 charts so as to travel on to the Backlink History tool and acquire a lot of data.

The Top Backlinks space shows the supply uniform resource locator, Anchor Text, Target URL, and Last Crawl Date.

The Referring Domains space lists the highest domains that link to your uniform resource locator.

The Top Pages space lists your prime pages: Title, URL, AC Rank (which may be a live of however vital a page relies on the quantity of distinctive referring external root domains), Date, External Backlinks, and Referring Domains.

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