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Blogger vs WordPress : Which Blogging Platform is better ?

Blogging is turning into a really powerful and easy-to-learn source of cash creating these days. Today, many folks, particularly teenagers and young adults are attempting out their luck in blogging. several succeed, whereas some those who are behind those get-rich-quick schemes quits quicker.
However, before starting a blog, there are some very important questions that comes in every blogger’s mind. They are:
  •     Which niche or area to choose?
  •     What is the domain name that I should opt for?
  •     Which blogging platform should I choose
The third question is that the most ordinarily asked one, regardless of beginner or professional. There are chiefly 2 unremarkable chosen blogging platforms, that are Blogger and WordPress. the controversy on whether or not Blogger or WordPress is healthier has been occurring since a protracted time, and still we don't seem to be ready to positively choose one blogging platform, as each has its own pro’s and con’s.

Blogger vs WordPress : Which Blogging Platform is better

There has been plenty of debates over that is that the higher blogging platform, Blogger or WordPress. And as we've used each these blogging platforms for blogging, these days we are here with some experiences to share which might assist you to settle on among the 2 blogging platforms.

As I same earlier, every of those blogging platforms has their own blessings and downsides, and therefore scrutiny these 2 won’t provides a clear answer on that is that the best blogging platform. But still, a comparison may assist you make a choice from these 2, supported your interests.


Below are some small print that has to be noted concerning Blogger:
  • Blogger is a free and open platform. you do not need to pay, unless you decide for a TLD name.
  • Blogger is a subsidiary of Google. Hence, you usually get the simplest options.
  • Up to one GB of free storage for your pictures and alternative files. And this one GB space for storing is joined along with your Picasa net Album.
  • As it’s a free platform, it's hosted on cloud by Google. Hence, you've got no management over the hosting of your diary.
  • As it’s hosted by Google on a cloud server, loading times won’t be a difficulty and you seldom expertise any reasonably down times.
  • higher security. As WordPress sites square measure identified to be a lot of at risk of hacking and connected activities than Blogger.
  • If you violate Google Blogger’s terms and conditions, your blogger blog may get deleted at any instance, without previous notification.


Below are a number of the points that require to be noted concerning WordPress before building a blog:
  • WordPress may be thought of as a Blogging shopper solely. Hence, to run a WordPress blog, you’ll ought to purchase a website name and hosting house on an individual basis.
  • As you’re on an individual basis getting a hosting, you've got complete management over your hosting.
  • Plugins are a novel feature of WordPress that permits you to ease out your tasks by using specific plugins for numerous tasks on your WordPress blog.
  • WordPress blogs are heavily customizable than Blogger blogs. Hence, WordPress may be a primary preference, if you’re bent on build an important website.
  • because the management of your website square measure on your hands, you must invariably putting your all into to eliminate any attainable threats of malware infections or hacking on your diary.


I would wish to conclude this text, by eliminating some common myths concerning WordPress and Blogger:
  • WordPress sites gains a lot of traffic than Blogger sites: this is completely wrong. Blogging is all concerning the content you publish and isn't concerning that platform you employ to publish it. A well researched, properly formatted, SEO friendly article would gain a lot of traffic to your blog, notwithstanding WordPress or Blogger.
  • WordPress sites are a lot of SEO friendlier than Blogger sites: yet one more story. SEO depends on however well you format your diary and diary posts to favor Search Engines. Hence, notwithstanding Blogger or WordPress, a website that follows correct On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques can favor the computer programme a lot of.


  1. Hi Suhel, I agree with your conclusion. It is not neccessarily true that just because you have a hosted WordPress site that you gain more views and visitors. There are many Blogger based blogs that perform very well with their own content so they shouldn't be entirely discounted. I personally used Blogger to try out blogging and see if it was something I could get into. I later invested in a hosted WordPress site where I had more options over my customisation. The initial learning curve with WordPress is a little steeper than Blogger but the end results are far more appealing.

    1. Yes Jackson , all is well with blogger but it depends on your comforts and requirement where you wish to land up..


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