Monday, 30 December 2013

Remove Tags from Multiple Photos on Facebook Social Media At One Click

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Remove Tags from Multiple Photos on Facebook Social Media At One Click

It is obvious that many of the users on Facebook Social Media are facing this problem issue of getting tagged by many users on occasion of festivals. Recently, I witnessed this on the day of Christmas and also will continue for this coming New Year. It is but obvious that your friends will tag you in hell lots of photos and you will be in a deadly need of untagging yourself from those unwanted tags on one click.

For the same, every user is searching for how to Remove tag from All Photos in one click, how to untag yourself from all tagged photos on facebook social media. Many user use this feature to get more likes or comments on his or her photo’s. It is also lately used as a part of promotion activity by many experts.

So,  we at are coming up for our readers with this good tutorial on how to untag yourself from all tagged photos. This technique was really helpful for me and surely will benefit our readers.

How to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos on Facebook Social Media At One Click

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and click on Your Profile Name.

Step 2: Click on “Activity Log” Button which appears at the right bottom corner of your cover photo.

Step 3: Further, Click on Photos >> Photos of You on the Left Vertical Option Menu.

Step 4: Here one should select Album / All photos, and Click on Report/Remove Tags Button.

Above Method can be easily used to remove tags on Photos at Facebook Social Media. This is very trivial but also kept secret, reason mostly facebook user may be don’t know about it.

Hope you like this wonderful Tutorial.

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What is SEO ? Types of SEO

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
SEO is the method of raising the visibility of a web site on organic ("natural" or un-paid) search engine result pages (SERPs), by incorporating SEO friendly components into a web site. A winning SEO campaign can have, as a part of the enhancements, rigorously choose, relevant, keywords that the on-page improvement are designed to form outstanding for search engine algorithms. SEO is attenuated into 2 basic areas: on-page, and off-page improvement. On-page optimization refers to web site components that comprise an online page, like hypertext mark-up language code, matter content, and images. Off-page improvement refers, preponderantly, to backlinks (links pointing to the location that is being tuned, from other websites those are relevant).
What is SEO ? Types of SEO

White hat SEO 

White hat SEO utilizes techniques and strategies to boost the search engine rankings of a web site that do not infringe of search engine (mainly Google) tips. Some white hat SEO techniques include: prime quality content development, web site hypertext mark-up language improvement and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported by high quality content and manual research and outreach.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO exploits weaknesses within the search engine algorithms to get high rankings for a web site. Such techniques and strategies are in direct conflict with search engine tips. We can list some of those Black Hat SEO techniques: link spam, stuffing of keywords, cloaking, hiding of text, and hiding of links.
Steady, gradual, however lasting growth in rankings is outcome for White Hat SEO whereas fast, unpredictable, and short-lasting growth in rankings with Black Hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO

The work of most SEO firms, however, operates in a very gray area, ably named Gray Hat SEO. whether or not on purpose or pressure from shoppers to deliver results, several SEO firms attempt to deliver solutions and results for purchasers by utilizing techniques that do not quite cross the road into black hat SEO, however are well outside of what would be thought-about white hat SEO. Gray hat SEO is recognizable by 'affordable' rating, since the SEO Company needs to scale back price by resorting to questionable techniques so as to deliver results, rather than extremely concerned campaign activities.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Heterogeneous High Performance Computing : CPU and GPU Fundamentals

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Heterogeneous Parallel Processing is a need of time with parallel computing emerging as a recent trend in the last decade. From workstations to personal laptops till small handheld mobile devices is currently talking a configuration ranging from dual core to multi core architecture. Let’s have a brief discussion in this article on the fundamentals of a heterogeneous High Performance Computing. Heterogeneity basically refers to variance in the type of structure used to make a particular architecture. A simplest form of the heterogeneity can be expressed in terms of CPU and GPU. CPU is a traditional Central Processing Unit which is used to execute the programs. GPU i.e. Graphics Processing Units came into existence post need of High Performance Computing. Let’s analyze the basics of CPU and GPU in depth.

CPU Systems basically are Latency Oriented Cores and GPU are Throughput Oriented Cores. CPU are designed to optimize the latency whereas GPU are designed in order to increase the throughput of a system.


It comprises of large caches which can convert long latency memory accesses to short latency cache accesses. Goal is to keep as many as data elements in the cache. So instead of reaching out to Dynamic Random Access memory a call can be satisfied at the cache level. The CPU design is having sophisticated control basically given in terms of branch prediction for reduced branch latency. Also data forwarding logic is making data to transfer from one execution unit to another execution unit. Use of Powerful ALU is recommended to generate reduced operation latency.

Heterogeneous High Performance Computing


These are basically carrying Small caches to boost memory throughput by not making data reside on cache for longer period of time. Also it provides simple control with no branch prediction, no data forwarding. These kinds of systems come with Energy Efficient ALU’s. Many long latency but heavily pipelined systems are used for providing high throughput for the system. GPU needs large number of threads to cope up with latencies.

What to Choose CPU or GPU ?

Provided different nature of CPU and GPU with latency and throughput into their prime consideration, an application deployed is said to be great if it makes use of both CPUs and GPUs as part of their solution. This utilization of both concepts leads to a structure known as Heterogeneous High Performance Computing comprising of CPU and GPU structure.  CPU will be taking care of the sequential part of the application which will having latency as prime concern whereas GPU will be taking care of parallel parts where throughput is matter of concern.

Following mentioned are few domains in which Heterogeneous High performance computing can give probable solutions
Financial Analysis, Medical Imaging, Digital Image Processing, Digital Video Processing, Digital Audio Processing, Bioinformatics, Numerical Methods, and many more.


Hope you have got to know some basics about a CPU and GPU through this article and we as part of our blog would be coming up with some advanced articles in due course of time that will be generated as per the research work carried out.

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Android Award: Top Apps in 2013

Posted by Suhel Sayyad 3 Comments
As android has taken an enormous bite of all the Smartphone operating platforms, it offers plenty of goodies for users. Google Play Store claims of getting over 1,000,000 stock of android app offered for download for its users. Listed below are the best Android apps of 2013 chosen from classes as well as widgets, vice productivity and ton additional and are compiler at our blog.

Android Award: Top Apps in 2013

Award:  Top Game of 2013.

Winner: FIFA 14.

FIFA 14 ranks as top game of 2013. FIFA 14 includes thirty three leagues, over 600 groups and over 16,000 players to decide on from. The app gives the most recent information about your favorite team additionally to letting create your own league and play along with your pals. FIFA 14 charges a bit fee to access the Manager features.

Award: Best App of 2013

Winner: Umano

Umano has stolen the title of the most effective app of the year, including podcast and news by reading it aloud. With the app you will be able to keep track of the most recent news amidst your agitated schedule and routines. In contrast to the normal text to speech technology the developers have employed voice actors to browse aloud creating the app a lot of participating.

Award: Innovative App of 2013

Winner: DayFrame

You can make use of this app to turn your Android smartphone into a digital photo frame when you are not using it. DayFrame, identified as most innovative app by us catch holds of your snaps from different accounts like Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and Dropbox. The photographs that must be shown can be shortlisted and categorized by the users as per their wish. The app can also be triggered by providing the timer and other settings like battery and bandwidth.

Award: Designer App of 2013

Winner: Beautiful Widgets

This application really provides you with an opportunity to turn your home screen of your Android Smartphone with over 2000 of themes that the app has in its stocks. Attractive widgets includes clock, weather and toggles providing customization as per the wish of user. Using this app one can check the temperature and weather forecast for various cities across the globe. The application also contains additional settings that permits resizing widgets, adding graphics and changing transparency levels.

Award: Top Kids App of 2013

Winner: Endless Alphabet

Learning process can be more operative if distributed with joy and fun. Endless alphabet has been fruitful in driving it to practice with help of numerous animations for meanings for different words that allows kids to appreciate better. The kid clicks a word shown on the screen to receive the letters of the word in multi colors instigating to put them in the right place to showcase a funny cartoon picture that depicts meaning of that word. This app works well with youths too.

Few of Other Applications that I personally use from Android Market in 2013 are mentioned below
  • Hike – Personal Messaging App
  • WhatsApp – Messaging App
  • Subway Surfers – Gaming App
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – Social Networking Apps
  • MX Player – Video Player App
If you have come across some application which you found interesting released in 2013, please feel free to add some information about the same in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Win One of Three Annual Subscriptions To PixelKit!

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Win One of Three Annual Subscriptions To PixelKit! The great group over at PixelKit is offering our readers three chances to win an annual subscription! You could hardly ask for better news. Each of the three winners will get a one year full subscription to PixelKit, allowing them to take advantage of every aspect of the site’s services. PixelKit offers more than just graphics, although its graphics are excellent. The site is specialized to provide tools for UI designers. A quick search will turn up any type of button or icon you could possibly need for any project. If you’re interested, do the below to enter for your chance to win:
  • Comment below and let us know why you should win and how you will use your account if we choose you.
  • Tweet the following phrase: Win a free @PixelKitcom Membership Account from @SuhelSayyad (RT to Enter).
  • Let Facebook friends know by Liking this Blog Facebook Page
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The best part of PixelKit is how much time it can save you on each project. Rather than having to search the whole internet for the components you need and trying to make bits and pieces match up, you can easily find entire sets that perfectly suit your needs with one quick search. You’ll be able to complete projects faster than ever before. If you’re not convinced yet, check out some of the great options you’ll have once you’re a member:

Swanky Outlines - Outlines Icon Set

A sharp, vectored icon kit to provide outlines to a modern site or project.
Outlines Icon Set

Modern Touch - Flat UI Kit

Balanced, elegant, clean typography and sleek designs give this kit a contemporary feeling. It will draw the ey e of any potential client.
Flat UI Kit

Charming Boutique - Shopping Icons

This kit contains 30 icons to cover any possibility when building a site for your online store!
Shopping Icons

Fashion Ave UI Kit - eCommerce UI Kit

This UI kit is especially designed for anyone building a store site. Make your online shop stand out from the crowd with these sharp icons and other helpful elements.
eCommerce UI Kit

Gentle Edges - Minimalist Icon Set

Anyone looking for a minimalist icon set for their next project has come to the right place. With so many different, fully scalable icons, you’ll never have to search again.
Minimalist Icon Set

Metro Vibes - Metro UI Kit

Give your project a metro, contemporary feel with this sleek UI kit.
Metro UI Kit

Here’s a great extra for you- Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. Grab these HTML templates to improve your site for free while waiting to see if you’ve won the giveaway!

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

How to Write Search Engine Optimised SEO Article

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
To Work as a freelancer or blog owner and writer, especially one who is self-published one, requires being a specialist in Search Engine Optimization SEO.  One should be able to promote, manage a blog (which incorporates a lot in itself, i.e. design, SEO, etc), write, find connections, and the list continues.

Writing Articles are a great way to establish connection with readers and promote your writing.  They’re also useful for establishing yourself as an expert in a particular area/ niche, and optimize your blog find-ability.   Articles can be used to provide links to your site, what we call them as backlinks, increasing its SEO value in the eyes of Google, the king of Search Engine Optimization.  If you don’t know what SEO is, read more about SEO here.

Write Search Engine Optimised SEO Article

Writing an article for Search Engine Optimization requires good writing skills so that it makes the article interesting to read. The placement of key phrases or keywords in the article is another point to be considered while writing SEO article. Finally, Hyperlinks should be included to and from external sources that will increase the readership of your page.

Article should be Outlined Well

  • Every article should be well written and should carry a lot of information. Use of proper audio/ visual aids in terms of tutorials can be given to make the article more informative. Recently, use of info graphics has really made new footfalls in Search Engine Optimized articles.
  • A well-written article with good content will naturally attract more traffic. This will make it more attractive to link marketers and increase the likeliness of advertisers wanting to use your page for their advertisements.

List of Key Phrases and Keywords

  • Key phrases and keywords are words that one would use to search for information on the topic about which you are writing. For example, key phrases for an article on changing your home could be "packing and moving" or "loading a moving truck," while keywords could be "moving," "relocation," or "relocating."
  • Key phrases and keywords are registered by so-called "spiders," which are scripts that search engines send out to each and every page on the Internet. These spiders "crawl" across web pages and websites understands them and analyze them for content and quality of content.

Draft the article

  • Articles should read well, provide information with the least amount of marketing pitches for your blog, website, etc., and focus more on providing good quality content for readers.  Sound natural, talk as you would to one of your friends.
  • Article should be grammatically correct or for that matter perfect.
  • Don’t overuse the keywords or key phrases to make it Search Engine Optimized article.
  • Make sure that you include the keywords and key phrases in the Title and the Sub headers of your website or blog.
  • Also it makes sense to add your keywords and key phrases in bold, italics or both to make it SEO friendly.
  • Break the articles into small length paragraphs.

Build Links to Article

  • The most important aspect amongst all is Link Building. Even though you have written this article but the world should come to know about inclusion of this search engine optimized article in your website or blog.
  • Make use of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + to share your articles with your target audience.
  • Make Blog Comments to related articles on other websites or blogs.
  • To know more about Backlinks, read here
Please mention additional comments below if you have extra tips for our readers on writing Search Engine Optimized SEO article.

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Grow your network by link-building with professional bloggers

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
In the cutting edge era, numerous amounts of individuals began to profit by making utilization of on the web. In any case while wanting to profit with online one needs to think about certain methods in order to get best results. As a matter of first importance thing is to make uncommon site or interface for you to post include about your items in order to handle the consideration of clients. Making online guests into clients is not a simple Assignment, on the grounds that in the popular planet, the majority of the individuals incline toward the destinations that offer the remarkable and alluring characteristics. Today the vast majority of the business and association individuals began to make utilization of connections for their locales to handle clients far and wide. 
Grow your network by link-building with professional bloggers

There is some association that makes connects by making utilization of their customers. Making connection is not a simple Errand yet making activity assumes a noteworthy part. Movement could be made by making utilization of third party referencing administration. Colossal amounts of building administrations are accessible so people who are wanting to make utilization of them may as well have the right learning in picking the best administration maker. Make utilization of online and get to think about the administration supplier in item and verify if they fulfill your requirements. In the event that people feel that they are agreeable with their administration then they can reach them in individual. Want them to uncover some from their old ventures too their later ventures and get to think about their terms and conditions included in that concern third party referencing administration. Have examination over diverse things and can pick one of their craving.

In the intense planet, showcasing has arrived at the more amazing statures just by making utilization of characteristic external link establishment administration supplier. These connection maker go about as best guide for their clients and fulfill their necessities plus the best client underpin. Their primary point was to fulfill the necessities of the client consistent with their requirements. An alternate most vital is that connection manufacturers make utilization of experts in making the connection that upgrades the business benefit. Some association individuals feel that building the connection appears drawn out so they can make utilization of best regular third party referencing administration that makes utilization of experts to outline their connection. 
Grow your network by link-building with professional bloggers

Experts or specialists will let to know adequate approaches to raise locales also they will prescribe join possessors how to handle the clients in the time of time. By making Backlinks association individuals can pick up a great deal of clients. Proficient join developers can turn out with numerous imaginative thoughts hinging on their abilities and experience. To fulfill the clients, distinctive bundles as well as administrations are offered to the clients so dependent upon the requirements association individuals can make utilization of them and can feel the solace. Fantastic connections will help the association to stand at the top seek, ones the locales stand at the top look clients could be picked up immediately and effortlessly. Have high build in your benefit by improving your connection with the assistance of connection makers and learn about significantly profited of it. Determine that you make a connection that acknowledges penguin renditions.
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Monday, 2 December 2013

HTC One Max - Is it extraordinary ?

Posted by Suhel Sayyad

HTC One Max

I Personally feel this one has all you need. So i term this one as extraordinary. My following article is an justification for what I state. 
HTC One Max comes with 5.9 inch, Full HD 1080p. HTC One Max has Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 processor 1.7GHz quad-core CPUs. HTC One Max supports Android platform Android™ with HTC Sense™ HTC BlinkFeed™. It comes with an additional 4G Network Band. Storage for HTC One Max is Total storage : 16GB / 32GB, available capacity varies RAM 2GB Expansion card slot supports microSD™ memory card for up to 64GB additional storage (card not included).

HTC One Max

Key Factor of HTC One Max is its Camera which has following features
  • HTC UltraPixel Camera
  • BSI sensor, Pixel size 2.0 µm, Sensor size 1/3'
  • Dedicated HTC ImageChip 2
  • f/2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens
  • Smart Flash: Five levels of flash automatically set by distance to subject
  • 1080p Full HD video recording with HDR video
  • Front Camera: 2.1 MP, 88° wide angle lens with HDR capability
  • Front Camera: 1080p Full HD video recording
  • HTC Zoe™ with Sequence Shot, Always Smile and Object Removal
  • Gallery with Video Highlights and HTC Share
  • Continuous shooting and VideoPic
  • Slow motion video recording with variable speed playback
Battery is another factor that is in favour of this lovely handset

Capacity: 3300 mAh
Embedded rechargeable Li-polymer battery

Talk time:

  • Up to 25 hours for WCDMA
  • Up to 28 hours for CDMA

Standby time:

  • Up to 585 hours for WCDMA
  • Up to 393 hours for CDMA

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