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How to Write Search Engine Optimised SEO Article

To Work as a freelancer or blog owner and writer, especially one who is self-published one, requires being a specialist in Search Engine Optimization SEO.  One should be able to promote, manage a blog (which incorporates a lot in itself, i.e. design, SEO, etc), write, find connections, and the list continues.

Writing Articles are a great way to establish connection with readers and promote your writing.  They’re also useful for establishing yourself as an expert in a particular area/ niche, and optimize your blog find-ability.   Articles can be used to provide links to your site, what we call them as backlinks, increasing its SEO value in the eyes of Google, the king of Search Engine Optimization.  If you don’t know what SEO is, read more about SEO here.

Write Search Engine Optimised SEO Article

Writing an article for Search Engine Optimization requires good writing skills so that it makes the article interesting to read. The placement of key phrases or keywords in the article is another point to be considered while writing SEO article. Finally, Hyperlinks should be included to and from external sources that will increase the readership of your page.

Article should be Outlined Well

  • Every article should be well written and should carry a lot of information. Use of proper audio/ visual aids in terms of tutorials can be given to make the article more informative. Recently, use of info graphics has really made new footfalls in Search Engine Optimized articles.
  • A well-written article with good content will naturally attract more traffic. This will make it more attractive to link marketers and increase the likeliness of advertisers wanting to use your page for their advertisements.

List of Key Phrases and Keywords

  • Key phrases and keywords are words that one would use to search for information on the topic about which you are writing. For example, key phrases for an article on changing your home could be "packing and moving" or "loading a moving truck," while keywords could be "moving," "relocation," or "relocating."
  • Key phrases and keywords are registered by so-called "spiders," which are scripts that search engines send out to each and every page on the Internet. These spiders "crawl" across web pages and websites understands them and analyze them for content and quality of content.

Draft the article

  • Articles should read well, provide information with the least amount of marketing pitches for your blog, website, etc., and focus more on providing good quality content for readers.  Sound natural, talk as you would to one of your friends.
  • Article should be grammatically correct or for that matter perfect.
  • Don’t overuse the keywords or key phrases to make it Search Engine Optimized article.
  • Make sure that you include the keywords and key phrases in the Title and the Sub headers of your website or blog.
  • Also it makes sense to add your keywords and key phrases in bold, italics or both to make it SEO friendly.
  • Break the articles into small length paragraphs.

Build Links to Article

  • The most important aspect amongst all is Link Building. Even though you have written this article but the world should come to know about inclusion of this search engine optimized article in your website or blog.
  • Make use of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + to share your articles with your target audience.
  • Make Blog Comments to related articles on other websites or blogs.
  • To know more about Backlinks, read here
Please mention additional comments below if you have extra tips for our readers on writing Search Engine Optimized SEO article.

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