Monday, 27 January 2014

Top 7 Android Apps for students

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App No 1: SelfControl

Imagine you're learning, you sit at your table and begin to form a mind map to arrange your ideas. Once you’ve simply created your initial node on your Mind Map, you get a notification on Facebook. It’s nearly not possible to ignore! Thus you check it out and waste another couple of minutes rather than studying! To avoid distractions like this, Self-control permits you to dam sure websites for a collection quantity of your time. This allows you to concentrate totally on your studies and avoid periodically checking social networks or your email. Better of all is that when you set these blocks in situ, it’s not possible for you to access them till the time you’ve antecedent specific runs out. You can’t simply flick a switch and check them. Notwithstanding you get desperate and delete the applying, you won’t be able to access them before the time you specific. Happy studying!

App No 2: Maths alarm clock

Maths alarm clock is another tool for self-control. This time, however, for your dreams! If you're a student who suffers from unendingly striking the snooze button within the morning, then this can be the app for you. Maths alarm clock causes you to solve an easy science downside so as to show your alarm off.
The benefits of this are twofold:
1. No a lot of snoozing and being late for sophistication
2. Having to resolve a science downside within the morning gets your brain operating faster. This puts you in an exceedingly higher position once it involves learning throughout the day
Top 7 Android Apps for students

App No 3: Sleep If U can

If mathematical issues aren't enough to urge you out of bed, we have a tendency to bring you a good a lot of extreme answer. With Sleep If U ought you to get out of bed and take an image of your sink (or the other space you define) to show off the alarm!

App No 4: The Oxford dictionary

Your lecturer smugly says a word they assume you all apprehend the means of. You don’t. That’s why the Oxford dictionary app may be for college kids, notwithstanding what subject you're learning. If you can’t notice a word in there then your lecturer is creating them up…which happens very often truly.

App No 5: RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Have you left your calculator at home? However are you able to solve all those difficult equations and cube roots now? RealCalc Scientific Calculator is that the answer. This app is ideal for college kids who would like all the practicality of a scientific calculator. This student app is good for mathematical or scientific issues thus if this can be your space, then this can be the app for you!

App No 6: Ted

The individuals we have a tendency to surround ourselves with have a good influence on however we predict and behave. Thus why not surround yourself with a number of the world’s most fascinating people? Educators, radical technology geniuses, medical mavericks, business specialists and legends of music, ted has it all. Get pleasure from the simplest conferences within the world with this academic app which will open your mind.

App No 7: ExamTime

We saved the foremost necessary for last! Throughout this list of apps for college kids we’ve talked regarding apps for self-control, translating and learning languages, exercise, and play…but what regarding studying?
ExamTime permits you to form on-line Mind Maps, Flashcards, on-line Notes and Quizzes. All of those on-line study tools area unit designed to assist you improve your learning and steel onself for exams. Ne’er before has it been easier to form your on-line study resources and share them together with your classmates. And all of your notes are keep in one place.
ExamTime conjointly includes a whole bunch of different tools such Study teams, non-public electronic communication, on-line Calendar and Study Planner. If you’ve not tried it however, what area unit you waiting for? ExamTime may be a web-app, meaning you'll be able to access it via the browser on your phone or mobile device. It’s optimized for all sorts of bit devices and straightforward and fast to you. There’s no excuse for not victimization the simplest technology out there once it involves you studies!
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Reason behind why whatsapp is getting charged

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
We've detected many complaints regarding the ninety nine cents annually that WhatsApp asks users to pay once their 1st free year on the moment messaging platform. However if you knew why WhatsApp asks for that dollar you may simply end up additional willing to dispense with it.

In an interview with David rowan of Wired at DLD in urban center yesterday, Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, spoke on a spread of various topics, together with the value question. As alittle of background, WhatsApp handled four hundred million active users in December which figure has currently up to 430 million. 2 months agone it had been 350 million. Outstanding considering WhatsApp remains not formally supported on desktop computers or tablets. WhatsApp is currently handling fifty billion messages daily. Yes, you scan that properly, 50 billion. That is additional WhatsApp messages daily than text messages on all carriers all told countries across the world.

Reason behind why whatsapp is getting charged

Despite the staggering success of WhatsApp, Koum is remarkably subdued and relaxed. And despite the outstanding earning potential of WhatsApp, there are a few key foundations that he is unwilling to budge on. For starters, his co-founder Brian Acton once wrote him a Post-It note that aforesaid ''No ads, no games, no gimmicks.'' This mantra has control true, which is in massive half why WhatsApp is absolve to install and so solely prices one dollar a year to continue using: as a result of WhatsApp will not ply you with ads, disappearing photos, mini-games, in-app purchases, stickers and every one manner of irritating income generators.

Koum and his colleagues (only regarding fifty engineers and language support employees) are targeted on electronic communication, on ensuring ''WhatsApp includes a service that works.'' this is often an unbelievably spectacular stance in associate degree trade wherever startups with sensible concepts are instantly absorbed by large firms, either to adapt or dismantle their fledgling efforts. however WhatsApp has stayed faithful its original goals and refused a according $4 billion acquisition supply, all the whereas refusing to incorporate ads within the app, thrust sticker markets down users' throats or otherwise attempt to take advantage} on the actual fact that WhatsApp is currently the most used electronic communication service on the earth.

And all they evoke may be a dollar a year to stay you involved together with your friends and family the maximum amount as you prefer, ad-free, with none irritating proof messing together with your enjoyment of a service that merely works. Even iPhone users square measure currently within the same boat as android users, being asked to pay ninety nine cents annually to use the platform. once you contemplate what WhatsApp offers, and also the robust choices the founders have had to create (could you refuse $4 billion?) to stay the service ''pure'', suddenly associate degree investment of a dollar a year sounds like a reasonably fantastic deal. I've got over that hold on within the back of the couch.

The dealing between WhatsApp and also the client means that they're responsible to you, not advertisers. This implies the choices they create have you ever in mind, not advertisers. one more reason why WhatsApp isn't curious about your personal information. They recognize your signaling and that is it. They don't seem to be resolute create cash off your non-public messages or messaging habits, they merely need a dollar a year to stay things the method there, that is pretty excellent at once by anybody's standards. Suddenly I feel less inclined to complain about the value.
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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Improved battery management with Google Play Services v4.1 (download)

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Many of you have been struggling at the hands of the battery-hogging Google Play Services app recently. That's near to modification with the most recent update to the GPS app, to version 4.1, that brings with it some important battery performance enhancements for users with Location coverage enabled. Google Play Services is the app that manages essentially each side of your android device outside major firmware upgrades: GPS controls the change of all the apps on your device. Obviously, it's an inclination to be power-hungry.
Improved battery management with Google Play Services v4.1 (download)

Version 4.1 brings additional to the table than simply improved battery performance (although that's out and away the foremost important change). The version modification also will permit developers to institute turn-based multi-player live Games, which can additionally see automatic updates of turn-data to Play Services to be shared together with your opponents/friends. a brand new preview Google Drive API is additionally enclosed that enables you to browse and write files in Drive across devices, each on- and offline. there is additionally some ad-related additions and Google+ sharing and affiliation enhancements.

The official android Developers journal declared the update on January 9th, however currently we've got the APK transfer link. The update can seem taciturnly on your device within the coming back days, however if you do not wish to attend that long, you'll be able to install the APK directly below.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Have you updated the Play Services app already? have you ever noticed an improvement in battery performance once Location coverage is enabled?
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Tips to Clean your Smartphone and Protect from Dirt

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Everyone has in all probability already been through this situation: you’re merrily intake a sandwich and suddenly a message from WhatsApp arrives. you're taking the phone from your pocket to browse the message and by the time you’ve replied and place the phone in your pocket once more, it’s got half your sandwich everywhere it. A clean and germ free smartphone will relieve you of some opportunist colds and viruses, believe it or not. Here are some tricks for cleansing android devices.

Tips to Clean your Smartphone and Protect from Dirt

Cleaning Ways

  • Fabric or microfiber towel. Several devices keep company with one, otherwise you'll use any spectacle/sunglass cleansing fabric.
  • Alcohol swabs or regular dry swabs
  • Water, isopropyl alcohol, water or a special liquid for cleansing electronics.

How to clean your smartphone

  • Be careful once using liquids on or close to your smartphone, they will infiltrate the perimeters of the device. Don’t use an excessive amount of and simply to be safe, flip your phone off whereas cleansing (and don’t flip it back on till you’re certain it’s dry).
  • Do not press too exhausting against the show with the material either, as this may cause scratches on the glass if there's rubbish on the screen. Most good devices presently have terribly resilient displays, however interference is best than cure. Take away any loose rubbish before adding liquid.
  • Of course, if you turned off your phone before you started, you must be ready to see grease stains, fingerprints and worse on the powered-off black screen (or black wallpaper), therefore you recognize wherever to focus.
  • Add to small degree water (or any of the opposite liquids mentioned earlier) onto the swab and gently slide it across the screen and back, taking special care around earphone inputs, physical buttons, etc.
  • To dry totally, use the microfiber washrag in a very circular motion. Wax on, wax off. you recognize what I’m talking regarding.

How to shield your device from dirt

  • To prevent tiny particles of dirt or crumbs from coming into the grooves and joints of the smartphone, it's best to use a protective covering. You’ll realize a million of them cheaply in stores or everywhere the net. Abundant of it's up to your preferences, however some provide abrasion resistance (like Kevlar) or shock-absorbance also (like bumper cases).
  • Otherwise you'll merely opt for a screen guardian, who can conjointly defend against dirt, that you simply will peel off frequently and replace. Of course, the less water, dirt and sandwiches you'll keep your smartphone from, the better.
How does one keep your smartphone clean and protected? Grasp the other tips you'll share?
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