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Reason behind why whatsapp is getting charged

We've detected many complaints regarding the ninety nine cents annually that WhatsApp asks users to pay once their 1st free year on the moment messaging platform. However if you knew why WhatsApp asks for that dollar you may simply end up additional willing to dispense with it.

In an interview with David rowan of Wired at DLD in urban center yesterday, Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, spoke on a spread of various topics, together with the value question. As alittle of background, WhatsApp handled four hundred million active users in December which figure has currently up to 430 million. 2 months agone it had been 350 million. Outstanding considering WhatsApp remains not formally supported on desktop computers or tablets. WhatsApp is currently handling fifty billion messages daily. Yes, you scan that properly, 50 billion. That is additional WhatsApp messages daily than text messages on all carriers all told countries across the world.

Reason behind why whatsapp is getting charged

Despite the staggering success of WhatsApp, Koum is remarkably subdued and relaxed. And despite the outstanding earning potential of WhatsApp, there are a few key foundations that he is unwilling to budge on. For starters, his co-founder Brian Acton once wrote him a Post-It note that aforesaid ''No ads, no games, no gimmicks.'' This mantra has control true, which is in massive half why WhatsApp is absolve to install and so solely prices one dollar a year to continue using: as a result of WhatsApp will not ply you with ads, disappearing photos, mini-games, in-app purchases, stickers and every one manner of irritating income generators.

Koum and his colleagues (only regarding fifty engineers and language support employees) are targeted on electronic communication, on ensuring ''WhatsApp includes a service that works.'' this is often an unbelievably spectacular stance in associate degree trade wherever startups with sensible concepts are instantly absorbed by large firms, either to adapt or dismantle their fledgling efforts. however WhatsApp has stayed faithful its original goals and refused a according $4 billion acquisition supply, all the whereas refusing to incorporate ads within the app, thrust sticker markets down users' throats or otherwise attempt to take advantage} on the actual fact that WhatsApp is currently the most used electronic communication service on the earth.

And all they evoke may be a dollar a year to stay you involved together with your friends and family the maximum amount as you prefer, ad-free, with none irritating proof messing together with your enjoyment of a service that merely works. Even iPhone users square measure currently within the same boat as android users, being asked to pay ninety nine cents annually to use the platform. once you contemplate what WhatsApp offers, and also the robust choices the founders have had to create (could you refuse $4 billion?) to stay the service ''pure'', suddenly associate degree investment of a dollar a year sounds like a reasonably fantastic deal. I've got over that hold on within the back of the couch.

The dealing between WhatsApp and also the client means that they're responsible to you, not advertisers. This implies the choices they create have you ever in mind, not advertisers. one more reason why WhatsApp isn't curious about your personal information. They recognize your signaling and that is it. They don't seem to be resolute create cash off your non-public messages or messaging habits, they merely need a dollar a year to stay things the method there, that is pretty excellent at once by anybody's standards. Suddenly I feel less inclined to complain about the value.

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