Friday, 28 February 2014

IS03: Interview with Kulwant Nagi : Owner of Blogging Cage

Posted by Suhel Sayyad

Heartly welcome, Kulwant. I am glad to have you as interviewee on my blog for my readers. Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Friends.
I am feeling happy to interact with awesome readers like you.
I am from a very small city in Haryana, India. By qualification I am an electronics engineer and completed my graduation in 2010. I did job as a VLSI verification engineer for 6 months and then decided to quit that job for making my career in internet marketing.

How did you start your blogging carrier? Which was your first blog? And what were the motivations behind entering into blogging?

I started blogging by chance. As I was working with a network marketing company so I decided to start a blog for capturing online leads. Soon after few months blogging converted into passion and I quit that network marketing company.
The very first blog I started was on my own name as I started this blog on September 2011 and then decided to start one new blog and named it, so you can say that my biggest blog is my second blog. ;)
For me money is the biggest motivation.

IS03: Interview with Kulwant Nagi : Owner of Blogging Cage

What are your thoughts on the different types of earning strategies like CPA, CPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing? Can you brief about pros and cons of them with respect to your experiences.

It all depends on your passion and our courage to take risks.
People are making money with CPA, AdSense, Affiliate, Product Selling and tons of other methods. So just decide one earning method and stick with that. Soon you will learn many hidden strategies to take that earning method at much bigger level and then you will start making real money.

What was the most challenging time faced by you in your carrier of blogging? How you faced it and tackled it?

My starting days were most challenging days for me. As I didn’t have money to buy domains and hosting, so I convinced one of my cousins and use his card for making online payments. I started with HostGator 1 cent hosting, so 1st month was almost free for me.
Then for next three months I kept on paying $9.95 every month.
In these 3-4 months I made little money like $20-30 and gave all money back to my brother and then started spending more time on learning the things.

Why people in India are not targeting themselves towards blogging? Can you brief about your experiences and support from family members in choosing this carrier.

People in India don’t want to try something new and students just want to constraint themselves in the boundaries made by the society.  People just want secure and easy life so that don’t want to try something new and they don’t have belief on this internet marketing business.
My parents were 100% against this career. For atleast 1 years they kept on scolding me and every time they were suggesting me to do any job because for them this was just a wastage of time and job was a secure future.
I ignored them completely and spent many sleepless nights to learn the basics of blogging and in just few months I proved myself.
Now I always feel proud because in just 2 years I have made such an impact in Indian community that people know me, they read my blog, they share my stuff, they interview me, and lots of other things.
So it’s about your belief power in yourself, if you have it then don’t listen to anybody.

How much time it took for you to earn your first penny?

Does Alexa Stats really matter in blogging? Does business affects much with Alexa factor?

Alexa is just a ranking factor which gives you ranking based on number of visitors coming on your site. Alexa is very important for any website because it gives you a rough idea about the site you visiting. Read one my case studies here - How I Achieved 105,446 Alexa in Just 20 Days

Which medium do you use to reach out to your clients? Do you recommend any platforms where you can get paid posts?

For getting clients we cash our relations and use social media sites.
For paid posts watch my hangout - 

Can you tell about impact of social media on blogging?

Social media has its own importance in blogging. Now a days people are spending too much time on social media sites and this craze is growing day by day.
So using social media you can spread more awareness about your brand or blog.

What are your current and future projects in blogging?

Very soon I am going to start one eCommerse website for India.

Any message for our readers?

  • If you want to start blogging then do it today itself.
  • Money is the biggest factor that people are starting blogging. But I will suggest that for atleast 3 months don’t think about making money from your blog.
  • Don’t follow people blindly.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Keep learning.
  • Teach the world.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Alternatives to Whatsapp

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Whether Facebook can kill WhatsApp with ads and data processing or just let it float on on its merry approach till it maybe surpasses and replaces Facebook’s courier, otherwise you simply need a safer instant messenger, there’s lots of reasons to envision out alternatives. Here are 3 worthy instant messenger apps with a spotlight on security.


We reviewed message recently and referred to as it a safer various to WhatsApp owing to its end to end cryptography, self-destructing messages and Secure Chats. message appearance and feels lots like WhatsApp and it options all an equivalent stuff you’d grasp and love from WhatsApp like emoji’s and file sharing however with some glorious additions. Message is super-fast, permits cryptography of messages, unlimited cloud storage, transferring files (including videos) of up to a GB in size and large cluster chats of up to two hundred participants. And you'll use it on multiple devices promptly together with a laptop. Oh, and it’s ad-free and doesn’t value something, similar to WhatsApp. If you’re craving for an alternate to WhatsApp and you really care concerning the protection of your communications, you'll do abundant worse than message. the sole missing feature at once is voice messages.

Alternatives to Whatsapp - Telegram


Surespot is another nice secure instant messenger that additionally options voice electronic communication and secure end to end cryptography. The simplest half is that even your voice messages are sent encrypted, similar to instant messages sent with Surespot. Surespot even enables you to delete content from your friends’ phones. Say you send a photograph however don’t need your friend to be able to transfer it, you just lock it. Then if you unlock it, they'll transfer or share it. You’ll additionally delete messages or media from your friends’ devices. Surespot additionally offers multiple profiles therefore you'll use the one service for various functions. Not like message, that additionally uses your number as associate account symbol, Surespot doesn't would like your number or maybe your email address. If WhatsApp scams involving scraping user’s phone numbers from the service worry you, then Surespot may simply be your next instant messenger. It’s additionally free and ad-free.

Alternatives to Whatsapp - Surespot


Kontalk is another WhatsApp lookalike that provides cryptography. Not like message and Surespot, it doesn’t add multiple options to the core WhatsApp service. Kontalk, like WhatsApp, is slow to introduce new options although, therefore there’s restricted support for media attachments and no cluster chat operate (but there's emojis). If you only would like a slim, secure instant courier for causation photos and chats matched, then Kontalk may be a smart possibility. If you wish additional practicality although, keep an eye fixed thereon as a result of Kontalk can certainly be adding additional options over time.
Alternatives to Whatsapp - Kontalk

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

IS02: Interview with Rajesh Namase - Owner of TechLila

Posted by Suhel Sayyad 2 Comments
We at have brought to you today SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert as a interviewee. I would like to thank Rajesh for giving his valuable time for this interview.

Can you please brief up about you to our audience?

Well, First of all thanks for interviewing me. I'm a professional blogger and SEO, I blog at I love to play with search engines. 

IS02: Interview with Rajesh Namase - Owner of TechLila

What made you start your carrier in Blogging? How long you are into this profession?

I am passionate about the internet since 11th standard; I had created my first website to share music and wallpapers on When I was studying in the third year of engineering, I started my first personal blog (In September 2010). At that time I didn't know about any top bloggers, SEO or even the fact that we can earn from blogging. I just started my first personal blog to share my knowledge and tricks that I learnt while experimenting with different things.
From the beginning, I'm trying to cover different and unique topics on my blog. Many people starting knowing me because of my Mystique Theme modifications article. Soon after publishing this article, the blog started getting many visits and people started following my blog.

What are your thoughts on Blogger v/s WordPress?

Both the platforms are good to start blogging; if you're serious about your blog consider using self-hosted version of WordPress ( The problem with BlogSpot and is you don't have full control over your blogs. You can read this article for more technical details: WordPress Vs Blogger.

What are various techniques to drive traffic to our website/ blog?

Quality content and SEO. I've shared all the ways here: The Complete Blog Traffic Guide {5635 Words}

What are your thoughts on Affiliate Marketing? 

If you know how to drive targeted audience to your sites either using different advertising methods or doing SEO then affiliate marketing is one of the best source to earn huge income. I like to play with search engines and that's why I use SEO tactics to drive traffic to my niche sites. If you ask me about the income from affiliate marketing then it's really huge, sky is the limit!  

What strategies you use to increase Facebook Fan Page Likes for your blog? 

  • By hosting giveaways or competitions: It is one of the best method to increase real likes to your fan page.
  • Facebook Ads: You may use Facebook ads to get targeted likes.
  • Using content lockers: There are many plugins to hide the content, your readers must share the post to see hidden content i.e. eBooks or videos. Such plugins allow you to use your Facebook page URL. 
  • Facebook Like box: You may add Facebook like box in your sidebar so people will like your page if they find your articles useful for them.
    Never buy likes from any sites, fake likes are useless, such audience will not interact with your posts.

What are the major reasons behind the failure of majority of newbies in the world of blogging?

First thing is that many people start blogging to earn money, blogging is not some get rich-quick scheme. Many newbie bloggers don't have patience. Some of them are not passionate about their niches, they start a blog and copy paste others’ articles.
There are many more reasons, and I've tried to list them all in this article: "Blogging is Not for Everybody – And Here is Why"  

Is it required for a person to be technically strong if he/she wants to make career into Blogging?

I don't think so. Many hosting services offer one click installation of famous blogging software. Using WYSIWYG editor anyone can create a blog post. Also there are thousands of tutorials to setup a blog. I know many professional bloggers, they are not technically sound still their blogs are famous.

I, being a professor have any young students in reader list. Blogging and CPA Marketing. What would you prefer for the newbie youngster to do.

Frankly speaking, I don't have that much experience in CPA, so sorry it's not possible for me to advice your students. 

Any future plans or projects in mind? 

Yeah, many plans are in my mind, will share once I get success.

Message to our readers

Do whatever you love, love whatever you do! Keep patience and work hard.
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Saturday, 8 February 2014

IS01 Interview with Facebook CPA Expert: Vipul Taneja

Posted by Suhel Sayyad 2 Comments
Hello Readers, This time you people are lucky to hear on our blog from Facebook CPA Expert Mr. Vipul Taneja. I would like to thank Mr Vipul Taneja to take time out of his busy schedule and address to the questions for readers at our blog. 

nterview with Facebook CPA Expert: Vipul Taneja

Can you please brief up about you to our audience?

Ahh the bragging question. Haha! Well I have been a usual engineer by education but Internet Marketer by choice. Over the last 2 years, I have been chasing my dreams and helping lots of folks make a healthy living online by providing various coaching/mentoring services. I seriously love this part of my work, every day I get to meet such awesome folks and be able to touch many lives!

How does CPA/Affiliate Marketing Work?

CPA Marketing/Affiliate Marketing are not much different are just naming conventions. In short, you get paid some commission by helping the advertisers sell a product or get a lead etc. A lot of time people have misconceptions that this for form of internet marketing is very hard, but I have always believed there are lots and lots of hungry buyers online waiting for me to connect them to right offer. You get paid for every kind of action, could be free signup, surveys or cc submit or even a sale.

What made you start your carrier in CPA Marketing?

I have been working online since 4-5 years now. And like many other I too started with blogging and SEO. But I guess I wasn’t too happy with how I was still working for someone i.e. Google. You will spend endless hours writing super effective content and still no surety that your content will rank for you particular keywords. Or even on fine day you get to know that there is new google update and all your effort is screwed. INSANE. Most of the bloggers online are starving on adsense which is the best source according to them but it is risky as well. My adsense acc was blocked too for no reason, no explanation or anything. This made me realize that I have to look for alternate sources of making money online. And that’s how it started. And trust me this is the best decision I took in my life ever! No regrets!

What tips would you suggest to our readers to lower the CPA in Adwords?

I haven’t been working too much with adwords so far. But as Facebook, Adwords works on similar lines. You just have to “REVELANT”, as simple as that. Once you relevant, you reach to your targeted audience automatically leading to higher CTR! And Danggg!! There you go. Your CPC will lower down on its own. So I would suggest spend time in finding right audience for your product and keep testing.

What are various techniques to drive traffic for the Offers raised to target CPA

When it comes to traffic I say ANYTHING. There are no specific techniques. Driving traffic is an art. Once you understand how to entire game works, in no-time you will be able to convert that TRAFFIC to VISITORS and make them convert. From free traffic to paid, all in the end our humans and can be converted to one offer or another. So keep looking for those hungry buyers.

What problems did you face while running those campaigns in your CPA Marketing journey? Can you share some situations that were horrible?

Well plenty of them. My journey like many others was never easy. It is and was bumpy since the beginning. It still is and now I enjoy it. I had many issues like cashflow issues (that’s the most common) or not getting into right networks, no coding skills, no designing skills.  But one has to start from somewhere and keep learning stuff throughout their journey. Even getting a credit card in India is very hard, so that was another hiccup. But overall my major problem to figure out “How to overcome the fear of losing money?”<- Sounds common? Yeah it is. It happened with me as well. All you need to do is stick there till you find success.

What are the major reasons behind the failure of CPA Campaigns?

I’ll just list it down:
1.    Fear of failure
2.    Procrastination- Delaying stuff
3.    Not taking actions and making statements before that
4.    Not testing enough
5.    And Patience
And I believe Taking Actions is the biggest problem. Most of them fail here.

Is it required for a person to be technically strong if he/she wants to make carrier into CPA Marketing?

No, not at all. You don’t need to be a super kickass coder/designer. There are always two choices, either you can learn some basic skills of HTML,CSS and designing which I prefer or spend some cash and get your stuff done by a skilled guy. Both works. Depends on what you favor. But probably it is not as difficult as it seems. You can always learn, all you need to do is spend some time with it. And it helps to being independent, which is very essential.

I being a professor have many young students in reader list. Blogging and CPA Marketing. What would you prefer for the newbie youngster to do?

Well it’s always a personal choice. If I would have been in there situations, I’ll sit down and plan everything. I will write down all my resources including how much I have to devote or how much I can try before finding success and do a reality check. Blogging is fairly easier in India as it doesn’t require too much cash. But it takes time. I’ll be biased here and take CPA Marketing a better platform as it is scalable once you are doing well.

Please brief something about any courses that you take or prefer a newbie to undergo if he/she wants to make a carrier in CPA Marketing

I run a coaching program where I get students on board in batches and teach them about CPA Marketing. And you can find more details about it here. Apart from that if they are interested to join me on the latest buzz i.e. Teespring can join my Teespring MasterClass here.

Any future plans post CPA Marketing?

Future, haha! No idea. For now I’m loving what I’m doing and will continue the same till I can. And later probably I would start building some products and that’s about it.

Message to our readers

Everyone in this world, I believe is good at something and those are lucky who can find their passion and work on it. I would end it here with one of my favorite quotes below:

"If you want something you don't have yet, you need to do something you haven't done before. "

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Google Analytics - Tool for Website statistical analytics

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Google Analytics could be a service offered by Google that generates careful statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. The merchandise is aimed toward marketers as critical internet masters and technologists from which the business of web analytics originally grew. It’s the foremost wide used web site statistics service.
The basic service is freed from charge and a premium version is out there for a fee.
Google Analytics will track guests from all referrers, as well as computer programmers and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. It conjointly displays advertising, pay-per-click networks, email selling and digital collateral like links among PDF documents.

Google Analytics - Tool for Website statistical analytics


Integrated with AdWords, users will currently review on-line campaigns by trailing landing page quality and conversions (goals). Goals may embrace sales, lead generation, viewing a particular page, or downloading a specific file.
Google Analytics' approach is to indicate high-level, dashboard-type knowledge for the casual user, and additional in-depth knowledge more into the report set. Google Analytics analysis will establish poorly playacting pages with techniques like funnel mental image, wherever guests came from (referrers), however long they stayed and their geographical position. It conjointly provides additional advanced options, as well as custom visitor segmentation.
Google Analytics e-commerce reportage will track sales activity and performance. The e-commerce reports shows a site's transactions, revenue, and lots of alternative commerce-related metrics.
Google Analytics launched Real Time analytics as of September 29th, 2011.
A user will have fifty website profiles. Every profile typically corresponds to at least one web site. It’s restricted to sites that have a traffic of fewer than five million page views per month (roughly a pair of page views per second), unless the location is connected to an AdWords campaign.
Google Analytics includes Google web site Optimizer, rebranded as Google Analytics Content Experiments.


Google Analytics is enforced with "page tags". A page tag, during this case known as the Google Analytics trailing Code could be a snip of JavaScript code that the web site owner user adds to each page of the web site. The trailing code runs within the shopper browser once the shopper browses the page (if JavaScript is enabled within the browser) and collects visitor knowledge and sends it to a Google knowledge assortment server as a part of a call for participation for an online beacon.

The trailing code hundreds a bigger php mscript file from the Google webserver and so sets variables with the user's account range. The larger file (currently referred to as ga.js) is usually 18 KB. The file doesn't typically have to be loaded, though, as a result of browser caching. Forward caching is enabled within the browser, it downloads ga.js one time at the beginning of the visit. What is more, as all websites that implement Google Analytics with the ga.js code use constant main file from Google, a browser that has antecedently visited the other web site running Google Analytics can have already got the file cached on their machine.
In addition to sending data to a Google server, the trailing code sets initial party cookies (If cookies are enabled within the browser) on every visitor's laptop. These cookies store anonymous data like whether or not the visitor has been to the location before (new or returning visitor), the timestamp of the present visit, and therefore the referrer website or campaign that directed the visitor to the page (e.g. search engine, keywords, banner or email).
If the visitor received the location by clicking on a link labeled with kid Traffic Monitor (UTM) codes such as:
the tag values are passed to the info too.
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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tips to View and Manage app permissions

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Android requires that apps let you know what kind of permissions they’re asking to authorize whenever you install one from the Google Play Store. Some may pay close attention to these while others just glance over them on their way to hitting the “Install” button. For those of you that know what the app permissions mean and how they affect your device, you’re already one step ahead of the game on avoiding malicious software.

There are, however, several problems inherent in this method: as stated above, some users don’t even read the app permissions or know what they entail when they install an app. As well, permissions cannot be picked as to which ones you’d like to have enabled; they’re an all-or-nothing type deal. Don’t like the permissions the app is asking for? Sorry, you can’t use that app.  As well, the presentation of the app permissions isn’t exactly laid out in the best way. All permissions appear to be equally important, whether it be accessing the system time or date or being able to gather information from your contact list.

Tips to View and Manage app permissions

See App Permissions after installation

Before installing an app, the list of permissions is visible and while they might be to your liking, you may install the app just to see what it’s all about. After installation, you might find yourself second-guessing what exactly a certain app is accessing and want to check it yourself. You can do it the following way:
  • Head to Settings > Apps > Downloaded to see a list of applications installed on the device.
  • Selecting an app will display details about it. The permissions will be listed by scrolling down to the bottom.
  • If you click on each of the permissions, a small summary of what exactly they mean/do will pop up.

Manage Permissions

It’s all fine and dandy to be able to view what permissions an app has, but what if we want to change them? With some “Permission Apps” you can at least provide some kind of control into what kind of permissions an app can have and what you deem “unnecessary”. Just be aware: playing around these might cause apps to go wonky or stop working all together: a SMS app will of course require access rights to read contacts and send messages to function properly.


With aSpotCat, you can see a quick and compiled list of all your apps listed by the permissions that they access and also provide a good identification of what the permission actually does and how it affects your device.  While you cannot modify or change any of the permissions, it’s a great tool for getting the nitty gritty information of what apps are doing and what exactly that means for your device. aSpotCat is available for free with ads or for $2.50 for the premium version.

Advanced Permission Manager

The Advanced Permission Manager does one step further: in addition to showing you what permissions an app is accessing, it also gives you a chance to modify or even remove certain permissions without even requiring root privileges. This does come with some limitations as not all permissions can be modified while using Advanced Permission Manager, but it does provide a quick and easy alternative to those who haven’t rooted their phone.

F-Secure App Permissions

This app offers a little bit more on the filtering side of things when it comes to finding out what exactly permissions are doing. You can look into permissions that are reducing the battery life on your device, permissions that may end up costing you data and money, as well as creating your own customized searches based on specific permissions.

Some other apps of note: Permission Friendly Apps is a free app which concentrates on letting the user know which aps respect the privacy of the user and which apps have the most permission requests. Avast! also provides a scanner that analyzes permissions on your device, as well as boasting an antivirus program for your Android smartphone.

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