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Alternatives to Whatsapp

Whether Facebook can kill WhatsApp with ads and data processing or just let it float on on its merry approach till it maybe surpasses and replaces Facebook’s courier, otherwise you simply need a safer instant messenger, there’s lots of reasons to envision out alternatives. Here are 3 worthy instant messenger apps with a spotlight on security.


We reviewed message recently and referred to as it a safer various to WhatsApp owing to its end to end cryptography, self-destructing messages and Secure Chats. message appearance and feels lots like WhatsApp and it options all an equivalent stuff you’d grasp and love from WhatsApp like emoji’s and file sharing however with some glorious additions. Message is super-fast, permits cryptography of messages, unlimited cloud storage, transferring files (including videos) of up to a GB in size and large cluster chats of up to two hundred participants. And you'll use it on multiple devices promptly together with a laptop. Oh, and it’s ad-free and doesn’t value something, similar to WhatsApp. If you’re craving for an alternate to WhatsApp and you really care concerning the protection of your communications, you'll do abundant worse than message. the sole missing feature at once is voice messages.

Alternatives to Whatsapp - Telegram


Surespot is another nice secure instant messenger that additionally options voice electronic communication and secure end to end cryptography. The simplest half is that even your voice messages are sent encrypted, similar to instant messages sent with Surespot. Surespot even enables you to delete content from your friends’ phones. Say you send a photograph however don’t need your friend to be able to transfer it, you just lock it. Then if you unlock it, they'll transfer or share it. You’ll additionally delete messages or media from your friends’ devices. Surespot additionally offers multiple profiles therefore you'll use the one service for various functions. Not like message, that additionally uses your number as associate account symbol, Surespot doesn't would like your number or maybe your email address. If WhatsApp scams involving scraping user’s phone numbers from the service worry you, then Surespot may simply be your next instant messenger. It’s additionally free and ad-free.

Alternatives to Whatsapp - Surespot


Kontalk is another WhatsApp lookalike that provides cryptography. Not like message and Surespot, it doesn’t add multiple options to the core WhatsApp service. Kontalk, like WhatsApp, is slow to introduce new options although, therefore there’s restricted support for media attachments and no cluster chat operate (but there's emojis). If you only would like a slim, secure instant courier for causation photos and chats matched, then Kontalk may be a smart possibility. If you wish additional practicality although, keep an eye fixed thereon as a result of Kontalk can certainly be adding additional options over time.
Alternatives to Whatsapp - Kontalk

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