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IS01 Interview with Facebook CPA Expert: Vipul Taneja

Hello Readers, This time you people are lucky to hear on our blog from Facebook CPA Expert Mr. Vipul Taneja. I would like to thank Mr Vipul Taneja to take time out of his busy schedule and address to the questions for readers at our blog. 

nterview with Facebook CPA Expert: Vipul Taneja

Can you please brief up about you to our audience?

Ahh the bragging question. Haha! Well I have been a usual engineer by education but Internet Marketer by choice. Over the last 2 years, I have been chasing my dreams and helping lots of folks make a healthy living online by providing various coaching/mentoring services. I seriously love this part of my work, every day I get to meet such awesome folks and be able to touch many lives!

How does CPA/Affiliate Marketing Work?

CPA Marketing/Affiliate Marketing are not much different are just naming conventions. In short, you get paid some commission by helping the advertisers sell a product or get a lead etc. A lot of time people have misconceptions that this for form of internet marketing is very hard, but I have always believed there are lots and lots of hungry buyers online waiting for me to connect them to right offer. You get paid for every kind of action, could be free signup, surveys or cc submit or even a sale.

What made you start your carrier in CPA Marketing?

I have been working online since 4-5 years now. And like many other I too started with blogging and SEO. But I guess I wasn’t too happy with how I was still working for someone i.e. Google. You will spend endless hours writing super effective content and still no surety that your content will rank for you particular keywords. Or even on fine day you get to know that there is new google update and all your effort is screwed. INSANE. Most of the bloggers online are starving on adsense which is the best source according to them but it is risky as well. My adsense acc was blocked too for no reason, no explanation or anything. This made me realize that I have to look for alternate sources of making money online. And that’s how it started. And trust me this is the best decision I took in my life ever! No regrets!

What tips would you suggest to our readers to lower the CPA in Adwords?

I haven’t been working too much with adwords so far. But as Facebook, Adwords works on similar lines. You just have to “REVELANT”, as simple as that. Once you relevant, you reach to your targeted audience automatically leading to higher CTR! And Danggg!! There you go. Your CPC will lower down on its own. So I would suggest spend time in finding right audience for your product and keep testing.

What are various techniques to drive traffic for the Offers raised to target CPA

When it comes to traffic I say ANYTHING. There are no specific techniques. Driving traffic is an art. Once you understand how to entire game works, in no-time you will be able to convert that TRAFFIC to VISITORS and make them convert. From free traffic to paid, all in the end our humans and can be converted to one offer or another. So keep looking for those hungry buyers.

What problems did you face while running those campaigns in your CPA Marketing journey? Can you share some situations that were horrible?

Well plenty of them. My journey like many others was never easy. It is and was bumpy since the beginning. It still is and now I enjoy it. I had many issues like cashflow issues (that’s the most common) or not getting into right networks, no coding skills, no designing skills.  But one has to start from somewhere and keep learning stuff throughout their journey. Even getting a credit card in India is very hard, so that was another hiccup. But overall my major problem to figure out “How to overcome the fear of losing money?”<- Sounds common? Yeah it is. It happened with me as well. All you need to do is stick there till you find success.

What are the major reasons behind the failure of CPA Campaigns?

I’ll just list it down:
1.    Fear of failure
2.    Procrastination- Delaying stuff
3.    Not taking actions and making statements before that
4.    Not testing enough
5.    And Patience
And I believe Taking Actions is the biggest problem. Most of them fail here.

Is it required for a person to be technically strong if he/she wants to make carrier into CPA Marketing?

No, not at all. You don’t need to be a super kickass coder/designer. There are always two choices, either you can learn some basic skills of HTML,CSS and designing which I prefer or spend some cash and get your stuff done by a skilled guy. Both works. Depends on what you favor. But probably it is not as difficult as it seems. You can always learn, all you need to do is spend some time with it. And it helps to being independent, which is very essential.

I being a professor have many young students in reader list. Blogging and CPA Marketing. What would you prefer for the newbie youngster to do?

Well it’s always a personal choice. If I would have been in there situations, I’ll sit down and plan everything. I will write down all my resources including how much I have to devote or how much I can try before finding success and do a reality check. Blogging is fairly easier in India as it doesn’t require too much cash. But it takes time. I’ll be biased here and take CPA Marketing a better platform as it is scalable once you are doing well.

Please brief something about any courses that you take or prefer a newbie to undergo if he/she wants to make a carrier in CPA Marketing

I run a coaching program where I get students on board in batches and teach them about CPA Marketing. And you can find more details about it here. Apart from that if they are interested to join me on the latest buzz i.e. Teespring can join my Teespring MasterClass here.

Any future plans post CPA Marketing?

Future, haha! No idea. For now I’m loving what I’m doing and will continue the same till I can. And later probably I would start building some products and that’s about it.

Message to our readers

Everyone in this world, I believe is good at something and those are lucky who can find their passion and work on it. I would end it here with one of my favorite quotes below:

"If you want something you don't have yet, you need to do something you haven't done before. "


  1. Awesome interview :) Vipul is freakin ninja who helped me to generate XXXXX $ in a month :) Keep it up

    1. Ya Suumit.....Hope some readers of this interview will soon contact Vipul and get added to his list for gaining knowledge on CPA


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