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IS02: Interview with Rajesh Namase - Owner of TechLila

We at SuhelSayyad.com have brought to you today SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert as a interviewee. I would like to thank Rajesh for giving his valuable time for this interview.

Can you please brief up about you to our audience?

Well, First of all thanks for interviewing me. I'm a professional blogger and SEO, I blog at TechLila.com. I love to play with search engines. 

IS02: Interview with Rajesh Namase - Owner of TechLila

What made you start your carrier in Blogging? How long you are into this profession?

I am passionate about the internet since 11th standard; I had created my first website to share music and wallpapers on peperonity.com. When I was studying in the third year of engineering, I started my first personal blog (In September 2010). At that time I didn't know about any top bloggers, SEO or even the fact that we can earn from blogging. I just started my first personal blog Namase.com to share my knowledge and tricks that I learnt while experimenting with different things.
From the beginning, I'm trying to cover different and unique topics on my blog. Many people starting knowing me because of my Mystique Theme modifications article. Soon after publishing this article, the blog started getting many visits and people started following my blog.

What are your thoughts on Blogger v/s WordPress?

Both the platforms are good to start blogging; if you're serious about your blog consider using self-hosted version of WordPress (WordPress.org). The problem with BlogSpot and WordPress.com is you don't have full control over your blogs. You can read this article for more technical details: WordPress Vs Blogger.

What are various techniques to drive traffic to our website/ blog?

Quality content and SEO. I've shared all the ways here: The Complete Blog Traffic Guide {5635 Words}

What are your thoughts on Affiliate Marketing? 

If you know how to drive targeted audience to your sites either using different advertising methods or doing SEO then affiliate marketing is one of the best source to earn huge income. I like to play with search engines and that's why I use SEO tactics to drive traffic to my niche sites. If you ask me about the income from affiliate marketing then it's really huge, sky is the limit!  

What strategies you use to increase Facebook Fan Page Likes for your blog? 

  • By hosting giveaways or competitions: It is one of the best method to increase real likes to your fan page.
  • Facebook Ads: You may use Facebook ads to get targeted likes.
  • Using content lockers: There are many plugins to hide the content, your readers must share the post to see hidden content i.e. eBooks or videos. Such plugins allow you to use your Facebook page URL. 
  • Facebook Like box: You may add Facebook like box in your sidebar so people will like your page if they find your articles useful for them.
    Never buy likes from any sites, fake likes are useless, such audience will not interact with your posts.

What are the major reasons behind the failure of majority of newbies in the world of blogging?

First thing is that many people start blogging to earn money, blogging is not some get rich-quick scheme. Many newbie bloggers don't have patience. Some of them are not passionate about their niches, they start a blog and copy paste others’ articles.
There are many more reasons, and I've tried to list them all in this article: "Blogging is Not for Everybody – And Here is Why"  

Is it required for a person to be technically strong if he/she wants to make career into Blogging?

I don't think so. Many hosting services offer one click installation of famous blogging software. Using WYSIWYG editor anyone can create a blog post. Also there are thousands of tutorials to setup a blog. I know many professional bloggers, they are not technically sound still their blogs are famous.

I, being a professor have any young students in reader list. Blogging and CPA Marketing. What would you prefer for the newbie youngster to do.

Frankly speaking, I don't have that much experience in CPA, so sorry it's not possible for me to advice your students. 

Any future plans or projects in mind? 

Yeah, many plans are in my mind, will share once I get success.

Message to our readers

Do whatever you love, love whatever you do! Keep patience and work hard.


  1. Rajesh no matter how much you hate me, no matter what you think about me! I know, you are still the precious person for me who changed my life. But unfortunately I lost our friendship coz of my fucking attitude :( I'm so horrible in making decisions and I still feel guilty about my last decision :( M sowie fo that :(

    Glad to hear your success stories and read your interviews :) Have a blast of happiness :) Cheers to you :)

  2. I Hope always that you two come together back once again. Rajesh and Suumit. No matter what has gone in past, remember the good things that has happened with past days and come again together with a boom...!!

    Rajesh .. I really appreciate your efforts in blogging and respect the same. You are one of the motivators for me to start blogging. And same is with Suumit....

    All the Best for Both of you and keep teaching me... :)


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