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IS03: Interview with Kulwant Nagi : Owner of Blogging Cage

Heartly welcome, Kulwant. I am glad to have you as interviewee on my blog for my readers. Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Friends.
I am feeling happy to interact with awesome readers like you.
I am from a very small city in Haryana, India. By qualification I am an electronics engineer and completed my graduation in 2010. I did job as a VLSI verification engineer for 6 months and then decided to quit that job for making my career in internet marketing.

How did you start your blogging carrier? Which was your first blog? And what were the motivations behind entering into blogging?

I started blogging by chance. As I was working with a network marketing company so I decided to start a blog for capturing online leads. Soon after few months blogging converted into passion and I quit that network marketing company.
The very first blog I started was on my own name as KulwantNagi.com. I started this blog on September 2011 and then decided to start one new blog and named it BloggingCage.com, so you can say that my biggest blog is my second blog. ;)
For me money is the biggest motivation.

IS03: Interview with Kulwant Nagi : Owner of Blogging Cage

What are your thoughts on the different types of earning strategies like CPA, CPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing? Can you brief about pros and cons of them with respect to your experiences.

It all depends on your passion and our courage to take risks.
People are making money with CPA, AdSense, Affiliate, Product Selling and tons of other methods. So just decide one earning method and stick with that. Soon you will learn many hidden strategies to take that earning method at much bigger level and then you will start making real money.

What was the most challenging time faced by you in your carrier of blogging? How you faced it and tackled it?

My starting days were most challenging days for me. As I didn’t have money to buy domains and hosting, so I convinced one of my cousins and use his card for making online payments. I started with HostGator 1 cent hosting, so 1st month was almost free for me.
Then for next three months I kept on paying $9.95 every month.
In these 3-4 months I made little money like $20-30 and gave all money back to my brother and then started spending more time on learning the things.

Why people in India are not targeting themselves towards blogging? Can you brief about your experiences and support from family members in choosing this carrier.

People in India don’t want to try something new and students just want to constraint themselves in the boundaries made by the society.  People just want secure and easy life so that don’t want to try something new and they don’t have belief on this internet marketing business.
My parents were 100% against this career. For atleast 1 years they kept on scolding me and every time they were suggesting me to do any job because for them this was just a wastage of time and job was a secure future.
I ignored them completely and spent many sleepless nights to learn the basics of blogging and in just few months I proved myself.
Now I always feel proud because in just 2 years I have made such an impact in Indian community that people know me, they read my blog, they share my stuff, they interview me, and lots of other things.
So it’s about your belief power in yourself, if you have it then don’t listen to anybody.

How much time it took for you to earn your first penny?

Does Alexa Stats really matter in blogging? Does business affects much with Alexa factor?

Alexa is just a ranking factor which gives you ranking based on number of visitors coming on your site. Alexa is very important for any website because it gives you a rough idea about the site you visiting. Read one my case studies here - How I Achieved 105,446 Alexa in Just 20 Days

Which medium do you use to reach out to your clients? Do you recommend any platforms where you can get paid posts?

For getting clients we cash our relations and use social media sites.
For paid posts watch my hangout - 

Can you tell about impact of social media on blogging?

Social media has its own importance in blogging. Now a days people are spending too much time on social media sites and this craze is growing day by day.
So using social media you can spread more awareness about your brand or blog.

What are your current and future projects in blogging?

Very soon I am going to start one eCommerse website for India.

Any message for our readers?

  • If you want to start blogging then do it today itself.
  • Money is the biggest factor that people are starting blogging. But I will suggest that for atleast 3 months don’t think about making money from your blog.
  • Don’t follow people blindly.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Keep learning.
  • Teach the world.

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