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Things to consider before buying web hosting packages

Any website relies heavily on a good web hosting package. The brand of your web service is dependent upon this. It is wise to research well before buying one. Here are few tips enlisted.


Large web hosting companies might tend to disappoint small web companies due to their existing brand reputation and large customer base. A fair read on Google via search might give you desired review about web hosting company. Remember that complaints are more common as people tend to crib more than praise.

Things to consider before buying web hosting packages

Free storage - really?

No web hosting service will offer you “unlimited” storage space, although advertised that way. Read the terms and conditions properly as to what fair cap are in the definition of the word unlimited for that web hosting company. Many web-hosting packages are available however, who strive hard to deliver on their unlimited storage promises by increasing hardware - CPUs and server disks in their data centers.

Bandwidth and disk space terms catch

It often skips the minds of the people to check out bandwidth and disk space considerations. You need to check out what is the quality of standard for the data transfer speeds for uploading and downloading from a remote client machine to your web hosting service server. Most web hosts clog their network traffic due to high volume of usage, potentially being a bad reputation for your website.

Separate hosting and domain considerations
Domain names seldom have to be registered at the same company that makes offering of storage space. It might come in handy to register for domain name elsewhere than the ones from whom you are buying a storage space deal. The domain name is a mere identity of your website online whereas the key thing that offers you utility is the disk space.

Free domain misleads

It sounds fantastic to get “free” domain, however, you need to bare in mind that such companies have in their contract terms to retain the domain name registered under their business name whereas you shall be just offered a lease on that domain name. If your website becomes popular online, they shall be the stakeholders in your business else you shall lose your online identity. Sometimes, first year is free and you shall be billed heavily for domain name from the following year onwards.

Commission and coupons

You need to ask for commission rebates and discount coupons since a web hosting service is a business where companies are willing to shell out one year pay for one customer just to establish identity online. Check out the affiliation programs that shall save a few bucks for your business.

Data backup considerations

Availability of data and reliability is a big question mark. You need to do the backup considerations before selecting a package. Else you might lose out on your customers’ data forever without even noticing it if the web hosting package offered to you isn't an established business with poor reputation and no guarantee of reliability. Quality of service agreements must be made in advance with the host.

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