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Top 5 Best Buysellads Alternatives In 2014

As the world of internet marketing is continuously evolving, there are many important points that are required to be considered. The real plan is not to rely on one thing. If you are following a plan A then you must be ready with your plan B because if the first plan does not work the plan B is always there to help you in the time of need. 

Top 5 Best Buysellads Alternatives In 2014

This same plan A and B thing applies to the buysellads. There are times when you file an application for buysellads but the application gets rejected. In such cases it is always advised that you should look out for alternatives and here are top 5 best buysellads alternatives in 2014.

Project Wonderful

Project wonderful is one of the best alternatives to buysellads.  The reason why it is considered as the best alternate is that there are many options that are made available to the publishers. You can also monetize the content that you are posting and in order to manage your payment issues you can make full use of the famous payment gateway that is PayPal. 


Blogads is another good alternative to buysellads and basically works on the principle of buy and sell direct ad spaces on your blog. There is a great amount of support that is provided to the publishers and you can easily get your money through the help of paypal.

Day beam

The reason why Day beam is so much popular is that the amount of commission charged by them is very less. It only charges 15 percent of the total amount and the website is based on a very customer friendly and user friendly platform. The beta version of the website makes it look like a fresh website and it supports PayPal for making or receiving payments. The entire payment mechanism is routed through a safe and secure server. 


With the page rank number of 3 and an Alexa ranking of 82,516 the Puxee is no doubt another good alternative to buysellads. The profit sharing mechanism is based on 75 percent by 25 percent and it clearly means that you will get a larger share of the pie and they will only charge nominal and the genuine amount for their services. It supports PayPal which is one of the most popular and the mechanism for making payment through the internet.


The reason why Koomona is added to the list is that it offers many unique ways to monetize your content. You also earn money by displaying ads and if you are able to get adequate ads, then you can contact the Koomona admin for getting the CPM ads. There is a special unsold advertising option that can be utilized. You can easily get your money through bank wire or PayPal.
All of the above mentioned options are the best and most popular alternatives to buysellads and in 2014 they are going to capture a fair share of the market through their excellent marketing skills.
About Author: This is a guest post written by Kuldeep, He writes about make money online, blogging, Fiverr Alternatives, SEO, Freelancing and other related topics on his blog Smart Earning Secrets.

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