Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review on “C Interview Q&A” 2nd Edition published by Shroff Publisher (SPD)

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
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There are several books on C programming published by different Publishers and different authors. But still students face many problems in answering questions on C language in technical written tests and interviews. This is also observed when students find it difficult to solve questions in GATE examination. The “C Interview Q&A” book addresses exactly these problems. The book is useful for all students aspiring to work in IT industries or one preparing for GATE examination. The students of various engineering disciplines, BCA, MCA and MSc(Computer Science) will be benefited from the book. 

The book covers almost all different types of objective questions asked on C Language. Though there are few books in similar pattern, these books do not give explanation to the answers. Hence it becomes mystery for a student who don’t understand the logic behind the answer. The author of “C Interview Q&A” has given explanation of each answer; this is very useful to students for understanding concepts. The book also discusses important theory on each topic at beginning of each topic to make clear understanding of the concepts.

Overall, “C Interview Q&A” book is a perfect guide for students to understand tricks and traps in C programming and to dissolve mystery of C programming
I would hence like to make an appeal to all my dear students that you can purchase copy of this book for long term investment. You can purchase this book from following link. If you use the below link you will get discounted price.

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