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Things to consider before applying for Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense Program is a trusted and highly popularized program in the online world. It offers a far greater ease with which you can make money as compared to other ad networks. There are series of things which you need to consider prior to applying for Google Adsense Program. The following post basically deals on the same aspect

Things to consider before applying for Google Adsense Program

Content has to be original

Content is regarded to be the king for a blog and Google highly values the content which is of quality. It is a big “No-No” to make use of the copied content in your blog. After all, content has to be original as Google highly values the content which is not copied.

Allot one name for an approved Google Adsense program

Google Adsense program doesn’t allow two accounts on one address, so make sure to follow on the same.

The age of domain

If you are a blogger from India and China, and want to get it approved, then your domain should be at least 6 months old. Since, Google is quite strict about the activities of the bloggers from such countries. However, there is an exception if the blogger resides in UK or USA; there is a chance that it will be readily approved even in just few weeks. Your domain should also be .com, .co, .in, .edu etc. Preferably it shouldn’t be a sub domain as well.

Google’s terms and conditions

Before applying for Google Adsense Program, it is important to read about the terms and conditions in a detailed manner as it will help you to remove any type of problems in the process.

Website’s design should be simple

If possible, make the design of the blog simple and don’t use plug-ins or software which makes way to extra clicks. In the event when the design of the blog is not according to the policy of Google, then inspite of working hard, your account is unlikely to get approved.
You should choose the templates which besides being professional are equally top notch and it should be devoid of any sort of malware.

Third party ads

Google is highly concerned about bloggers using the third party ads as you have to be careful about the subject and should strictly follow on the policy of Google. In the event when you violate the policy in any way, then you won’t be able to get your account approved. In order to be at safer side, you should refrain yourself from using other networks and go only with Adsense program.

Placement of Ads

Google only allows you to place 3 ads per page. They shouldn’t be placed in such a way that irritate readers and have to equally look normal to the human eye.


Hence, after reading about the aforesaid things to consider before applying for Google Adsense Program, you will ease yourself in your quest of getting your Google Adsense approved. It is so easy after all.
About Author: This is a guest article written by Kuldeep, He writes about Design Tips, Design news, Photoshop Tutorials , RoundUps like Free Blogger Templates and Wordpress Tutorials on DesignCular.

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