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Top 5 Deals on The Big Billion Day of Flipkart

The Big Billion Day is over and the overall experience of the users was not adequate on that Big Sale event. Flipkart invested a huge chunk of money in promoting this event, but it was not expecting such a huge response in return. One of the employees at Flipkart, discussed about this with me and mentioned a great example which helped to understand the problem at their end. As per them, the whole problem lied with the forecasting the traffic on The Big Billion Day. They expected the traffic and the frequency of sales to increase by 10 times, but the actual response was nearly 100 times, which screwed the experience for all the users on that day.
However, there were few good number of deals, which attracted lots of customers on Flipkart during that day. Allow us to tell you about the best 5 of them.

Xioami Power-bank 10400 mAh

This was something, for which many of us have been waiting for a very long period of time. Mostly this product is out of stock (something really common for all the Xioami products), however this gadget was available at approximately half its original price (nearly 430 INR) and hence this one was out of stock in less than 20 mins, when the sale started.

Top 5 Deals on The Big Billion Day of Flipkart

Moto X Gen 2

Motorola devices are only available on Flipkart and hence offering a whooping discount of 8000 INR on the exchange offer was another breath-taking deal on that day. This device is already placed under the price mark of 21,000 INR and after such discount you could buy this one at 13,000 INR.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Now this device is usually available only at Tuesdays and that too at the price of 5,999 INR. This price is itself pretty reasonable, especially looking at its configuration, but it was further discounted by 5%. Many of my friend bought Redmi 1S along with Xioami Powerbank at the total price of 6000 INR.

Moto G Gen 2

This is again a really popular device in this price range, most of the experts and reviewers have recommended this one as the best device in this price range. There was approximately 25% discount on that device and its final price was 8,999 INR.

Moto E

This device has been monopolizing this price range for a very long period of time now, until Xiaomi Redmi 1S arrived in the market. On The Big Billion Day, the discount of 1500 INR was offered on the usual selling price of 7,000 INR, which made it a great deal for the consumers searching for a low-end Android smartphone.
These discounts were really attractive, but just to let you know that they were financed by a bunch of equity firms which are funding Flipkart. As the Flipkart, promises in their apology letter that they will come up again with the same Sale event, but before that they will focus more on improving their IT infrastructure which will be able to incorporate such a huge traffic.

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