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Top 5 Gadgets of 2014

This year, we have witnessed many new gadgets, especially when a new sector called Wearables has opened up for the consumers. Almost all the major OEMs are crazy about manufacturing either a smartband or a smartwatch for the prospective consumers. Such gadgets have added a huge amount of gamification for tracking the parameters of your health. They are completely changing the technology of watches on every ones hand, most of the classic watch makers now fear that due to high productivity being offered by such tech-gadget-watched may cause a paradigm shift in this industry.
Top 5 Gadgets of 2014

Keeping all these factors in mind, let us talk in detail about all the best gadgets which have popped up in this year. Infact, just to clear your belief, we will not be keeping any smartphone or tablet (monotonous) here.

Apple Watch

This is something for which the whole world has been waiting for. As per the experts, this time the iPhone 6 was not a hit at all but Apple Watch somehow kept the spirit of Apple high. Customers believe that Apple Watch is going to be a huge breakthrough in this industry of watches because it not only helps a user in keeping the time, but also tracks his/her health parameters. Moreover, the OS which has been created for this wearable is something which has been done from scratch.

Goji Smart Lock

This device fall under the category of Internet of Things. This device will take a real time click of the visitors’ image and send it to your smartphone like an alert. You can then decide whether to open the door or not. Apart from this, it also keeps a log of all the visitors which can to your home and you can also schedule the lock to recognize a visitor and automatically open the door during that time interval.

LaCie Sphere hard drive

Now this is something, which is solely popular for its looks. It is a common 1 TB hard disk which does not look like one. It made from a hand-crafted silver-plated steel chassis and for the same reason it has been priced at $480 USD. Rest everything is quite common with this gadget.

Kolibree Toothbrush

This is a new tech-toothbrush which is based on the principle of Internet of Things. It will check the technique, time and other parameter related to brushing of teeth. It will also help you to improve the way you have been brushing and also compare the performance of this activity over the weeks. Again, this gadget is completely new as a concept and more similar things are yet to come in this sector.

LG Home Chat

This is something really-really cool. This small gadget allows you to have a chat with all the LG appliances available in your home. You can literally ask your fridge that how many bottle of beer it has now and it will reply you in the same way on your smartphone application. Obviously you will have to follow a certain pattern to ask the required questions.

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