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ShapeChef - An Add on for Powerpoint Presentation

Ever wondered to glorify your content with shapes? We all do! Images add more power to the words we write and presentation we deliver. So, who is at the fault? Our brain of course, it prefers more visual information than any other form of information. The quote that "An image is worth a thousand words" is true and until and unless you harness it in your daily life; there are chances that you will left behind the crowd. So, what to do when there is a PowerPoint presentation to be made in the college or at job? The chances of falling apart is much higher compared to presenting your ideas with the help of ShapeChef - the add-on of PowerPoint that lets you use shapes and images at will.

What exactly is ShapeChef?

ShapeChef - An Add on for Powerpoint Presentation

ShapeChef is an add-on of popular presentation software PowerPoint that stores huge amount of diverse libraries for your shape and icon needs. What's more, the software is organized and can be accessed easily from the right sidebar of the PowerPoint. ShapeChef, a product of Wulfsoft, is an advanced shape repository system that constantly updates their database with new libraries.
Moreover, ShapeChef is a premium add-on of PowerPoint. To use the plugin in its full glory, purchasing it is mandatory. Good news is that the add-on is free for first one month. You can try it in and out and then decide to purchase the license of the software.
The user-interface of the ShapeChef is intuitive and sleek. You won't find it difficult to hover around the add-on and will be using it in minutes. Moreover, the shapes and icons can be dragged and dropped on the PowerPoint sheet for faster work around the time.

What makes ShapeChef so extraordinary?

ShapeChef - An Add on for Powerpoint Presentation
The extraordinary collection of shapes and icon makes the add-on a must have for anyone using PowerPoint. The collection contains all types of shape and icon for everyday usage such as grant charts, maps, and technical shapes.
Another great reason to use the add-on is that the team can focus on the artistry in an organized way as they have access to same tools and ideas. And when worked in harmony and synergy, new ideas are bound to flow.
ShapeChef - An Add on for Powerpoint Presentation
The add-on also offers options to import and export libraries, which makes it much more user-friendly and portable at the same time. If anyone in your team comes up with an amazing shape or icon, he can add it to his/her own library and then export it to their team members for future use. Thus, making users experiment with new ideas and come up with great shapes and icon that are both presentable and appreciative by peers.

For enriching the experience further, the add-on offers two sections; my shapes and shared shapes. Shared shapes offer sharability options with your peers whereas "my shapes" is a collection of your own shapes and icon. To share icons and shapes with your peers, you need to sign up with your e-mail address to set up your online library. Once the online library is functional, you can invite your peers to share your work.


Whether you are a student or a professional, ShapeChef is an amazing add-on for your presentation and creative endeavors. ShapeChef is available online for just $39.99.

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