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How E- Learning Helps Students To Succeed More

How E- Learning Helps Students To Succeed More

In our modern age of information, e-learning has been the hottest topic of discussion owing to its popularity and reception among general public. E-Learning is nothing other than the addition of technology to the conventional way of education as it uses modern technology most prominently the ones that are mobile and internet based. One of the known instances is none other than Byju’s the learning app where they have been heard to use technology to an unparalleled level. There are immense benefits of using e-learning to sky rocket the learning of students. Below are 5 advantages or benefits that have helped e-learning cement its place in the field of modern day education.

Addresses the important learning issues of the student  

The latest happenings in the field of technology like digital revolution and boom in the use of smartphones has resulted in radical transformations in the styles of consumption, discussion, content sharing and access of information technology by general public. Thus it has shifted the perception about learning in this manner. Since most people learn during the need of the hour, some of them likes to learn during the evenings and weekends while commuting to and from work. One of the key benefits of learning online is that it would ensure that you are well connected with learners at your level across the globe in a way that you want and at the time you want them. Bring your fellow learners on your side and gaining support from them while studying NCERT Books would be more than sufficient for you to get the desired results. 

Quicker Delivery of Classes

The times are changing where people learn at a greater pace and e-learning does exactly that as class lectures are delivered back to back unlike the conventional class room for subjects based on CBSE Syllabus are conducted sequentially. This is where pioneers like Byju’s have been heard to deliver lectures in a video based format with animation themes that appeals to student’s imagination and have been heard to enchant them. There are various research findings stating that the e-learning reduces the learning time considerably like a minimum 25 to 60 per cent in comparison to learning by traditional ways. There are various reasons behind E-learning helping to reduce learning time like:

  • Learners decide the learning pace instead of the group leader.
  • Much easier to start and finish every learning session.
  • Learning possible from the comfort of your home and hence no need to travel.
  • Learners would be able to focus on the necessary training elements that they require and skip the sections they already know.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are other limitations which delays the learning process of students like the availability of classrooms, trainers and quickness of delivery. 

Lesser Costs

Since the speed and ease at which e-learning would be delivered, the learning costs and need for increasing infrastructure are reduced to a considerable extent. A large amount of money could be saved from expenses like course materials, trainer salaries, and travel and accommodation costs for trainers.  

Learning in a more cost effective manner

There are lot of case studies which show that providing e-learning courses to employees would improve their productivity and morale in such a way that it would have a positive impact on the profitability of the organisation.

Less impact on the environment 

By creating an alternative to learning with books and magazines made of paper, it would do less harm to the environment compared to the traditional way of learning and thus reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the cutting down of trees in particular.

Thus the points mentioned above throws light on the fact on how students would greatly benefit from resorting to e learning as they validate the advantages of them to a great extent . 

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