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Friday, 21 April 2017

How to recover data from USB Flash Drive with Wondershare Data Recovery

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Wondershare data recovery software is 100% safe and easiest data recovery software. This software can be used to recover your lost videos, photos, music, documents, email, etc from your PC hard drive as well as from USB drives, external hard disk drives, and other different kinds of storage devices. The variety of support to recover from different kind of media and also recover different types of files makes this software solution as good product. In this article we are going to demonstrate to our readers, how to recover data from USB flash drive

Features of Wondershare Data Recovery

  1. Efficient: Powerful scan functions helps you to find every byte on your storage device at ease and the advanced file-recovery algorithm allows you to restore deleted, formatted or even damaged files within minutes.
  2. Professional and Reliable: 4 Modules are specially designed for different data loss scenarios. Scan results could be saved and imported to the program to start file recovery any time.

Recoverable Devices

  1. Computer and laptop
  2. Memory Cards
  3. Digital Camcoders
  4. Hard Drive
  5. Flash Drive
  6. Removable Devices

Recoverable Files

  1. Documents
  2. Audio
  3. Image
  4. Email
  5. Video
  6. Archives

Three simple steps will recover your data in quick period of time.

Step 1: Connect your Flash Drive to your computer and launch Wondershare Data Recovery.

As displayed in figure below, a screen will appear with three recovery modes to choose from.  To recover data from Flash Drive, choose “Lost File Recovery” mode.
Care must be taken that the flash drive is properly connected to your computer.

How to recover data from USB Flash Drive with Wondershare Data Recovery

Step 2: Select your Flash Drive to scan for lost files

In a short period of time, storage devices, partitions on your computer will be visible in the program window. Select the Flash Drive and Click on Scan to search the lost or deleted files. There also exist a provision of deep scan. The deep scan option of the Scan will perform in depth scanning for your lost or deleted files.

How to recover data from USB Flash Drive with Wondershare Data Recovery

Step 3: Preview the files and recover the files

All the files on your Flash Drive will be available for a preview after the scan process is completed. You can check the files according to the categories and paths. You can also preview the images that are found.  Then you can select those files which you wish to recover from this process. 

How to recover data from USB Flash Drive with Wondershare Data Recovery


In this article we have discussed that how with three simple steps we can Recover data from USB flash drive in quick time. We hope the article was informative and of interest to our readers. If you have any suggestions please do write us in the comment box below. 

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

How to Recover Lost Data for Free with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Posted by Suhel Sayyad
Finding a free way to retrieve any of our important lost file or data is one of the hardest tasks to perform. So to make recovering process easy I am sharing this tutorial with which you can free recover your accidentally deleted files or lost data back.
Today you will be learning that how to recover lost data for free using EaseUS Data recovery software. And the process is fully free and you won’t be requiring to present single penny to EaseUS for using their basic service.

Why you should use EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

Now this question might be hitting your heads that why you should use EaseUS free data recovery software free version whereas there are many other software too.
So let me address this query here. I am suggesting you to use EaseUS data recovery software since its basic plan is free to use having all necessary functionality. It is most reliable data recovery software available in the market which allows you to get your data back very fast.
EaseUS Data recovery process is fully secure and your data is completely protected while recovering it. The amazing thing about EaseUS Data Recovery software.
Talking about its user interface, it has easy-to-understand and use interface which don’t require any technical expertise to use EaseUS Data recovery software. If you have basic computer skills then you can easily use EaseUS Data Recovery Software. Although if you still face any problems while using it then follow our below tutorial.

Recover Lost Data For Free with EaseUS Data Recovery

So here are the steps which you need to follow for recovering your lost data for free with EaseUS Data Recovery.
·         Download and Install EaseUS Data recovery software. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X users
·         Now if you want to retrieve data from external hard-drive, mobile phone or memory card then connect your device with your computer
·         Launch EaseUS Data recovery software on your computer
·         Then select the file type which you want to recover i.e; Documents, Audio, Emails or All Types etc
·         Click on Next button
·         Now select the partition from where you want to retrieve data. In case of memory card, mobile phone, or external drive – select the partition of given devices
·         Then click on Scan
·         Wait for few seconds and it will come with all files which were deleted from selected partition. You may preview each and every file to check that is the file which you lost
·         Ones you confirmed or short-listed the files you want to recover then click on Recover
·         Wait for few minutes, depending on your data volume, until it recover your data back
·         Ones you see Success message that means you have got your data back in your device
·         Congratulations! Your lost data is recovered.


This article must have helped you to recover lost data from your computer. If any issue arise while retrieving your data back on your computer then feel free to contact me using comments’ box. I shall try my best to help you resolving your issues.

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